Thursday 26 March 2015

Watching Degrassi is a real learning experience for the children. Not only are we talking about all kinds of social issues and ways to behave (today was it’s ok to be gay, don’t make up rumours about your teacher, don’t believe everything you hear) but they’re learning about all kinds of obsolete technology. Today Caitlin and Susie were developing photos in a darkroom and Jericho was completely baffled. “What are they doing? Why are the lights all red?”…we’ve had a digital camera since before he was born, so I don’t even know if he knows what camera film even is. The episode we watched tonight had them using an overhead projector, and the kids weren’t sure about that either- they thought they must be using an interactive whiteboard, like they have at their school.

I taught this morning. Played a lot of Indonesian bingo, since it was the last lesson for the term and I didn’t want to start anything new.

Emma had her last MAT group session this afternoon. She’s really enjoyed it, although today was definitely the highlight since they got to break boards. They were plastic instead of actual wooden boards, but her teacher assured them multiple times that they were real. She was the first one to try and she looked very, very apprehensive beforehand, but it was a gorgeous smile when she smashed through.

Nicholai had to come with us though. He went to lost property to look for his lost things (this is good) but in doing so he missed his bus (this is bad). To complicate matters slightly he hadn’t taken his phone to school, so while he could IM me oh my mobile from his ipad, I couldn’t actually talk to him to work anything out. And he couldn’t talk to Troy at all. So eventually I told him to go and sit by the stadium and I’d pick him up on my way through to Emma’s class. This meant he had to miss footy training and the whole jumper presentation thing, but there was no way round it.

And in case you were wondering, during first term he has lost his bus pass, his PE shorts and his lunchbox. (And assorted pens, but I’m not worried about that). None of them have turned up, so he’s going shopping on the holidays and spending his own money to replace them.

Not that the three primary school kids are any better. Between the three of them there seems to be three jumpers missing! It feels like beating my head against a brick wall sometimes, trying to get them to take better care of their things. I’m going to go to the library tomorrow morning to do some more contacting, and I’ll sift through the mountain of abandoned jumpers there and see if I can turn anything up.

Here’s Emma breaking her boards. They go up in difficulty, so she did white, yellow, orange and then green.


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