Wednesday 25 March 2015

The kids had a big day today. The three younger ones went to Scienceworks with school, which they all loved. It was an early start since they had to be an hour earlier than usual, and they were about half an hour late back so it was a long day, but they all came home happy and told me all about their favourite parts.

Nicholai and Troy had to up and gone even earlier, since it was the official AFL season launch and Nicholai was going as his club’s representative. They had to be at Etihad at 8.30 or something crazy like that, so they caught the train. The idea of this launch was that there would be a rep from every community club, and the captains as representatives of the AFL teams, and they’d do a giant ‘team photo’. Nicholai had a great time, he had a kick and met a bunch of the footy players. Funny thing though, there were some clubs who couldn’t send a person to represent them but they sent jumpers, and so Troy wound up going in the photo wearing a jumper from the Scottsdale Crows football club (from Tasmania).

My day just seemed really long! I dropped the kids at school and then went to IGA, but it was so early that it wasn’t even open yet. I was back home and had the dishes done by the time I usually leave to take the kids to school. At least it gave me an opportunity to binge watch a lot of Orange is the New Black, since I have to give it back tomorrow. I do like it- I love prison documentaries so a show about prison was bound to appeal. I knitted a little bit more on my next tree sweater too. I finished another one with variegated yarn and stitched it on to a tree yesterday- it might be my favourite because the yarn knitted up into a perfect zigzag patter with the colours and it looked great. The one I’m doing next is for a thicker trunk, so I’m doing this one in stripes again. I think after this big tree there is maybe one other one I want to do, and then it will be finished. Maybe.

For Pa- go the Dees!



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