Monday 23 March 2015

Today didn’t turn out quite as I planned. I dropped the kids at school and borrowed Orange is the New Black from the Oovie machine, intending to mostly watch tv and knit and write. However I rang to make a doctor appointment, thinking it would be tomorrow, and they told me to come down, so I did that. Then when I was finished and settled into watching tv, I had a call from the school that Jericho was sick, and so I had to go and get him. No tv for me after that!

Jericho had a stomachache. I remember this happening a bit towards the end of last year? (I think that’s when it was) There was usually no discernible reason for it but he would complain consistently and I do believe that it was hurting him. Being Jericho we wondered if it was an anxiety thing. I hope today is just a one off though. He came home and I let him watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid on dvd and just rest.

I went to the doctor to get the results of my CT scan. $600 to find out that there’s nothing wrong with me. Thanks for your help. I don’t know. I mean, it’s obviously good that I don’t have anything structurally wrong with my bones and I am relieved about that, but it’s also not particularly helpful in regards to the fact that something is making me hurt. He’ll refer me to a physio if it keeps going (and let’s face it, it’s been a year- the likelihood of it just spontaneously not hurting anymore is pretty low!) but I don’t think that’s going to work right now.

The CT scan showed that I have bilateral cam-type hip deformities though. The doctor said that was unimportant though, since the scan had shown no damage to the joint. (Although I do wonder if it could be a contributing fact to the pain if it makes me do something with my muscles that’s a strain?) Apparently it’s not a big deal unless it starts causing damage, but it’s still one of those interesting things I would never have known about my own body but for modern medicine.

I still don’t have my camera lens, which I ordered a month ago. I’ve emailed a couple of times and got replies that basically say ‘we’re on it, we’ll let you know’ but I’m so sick of it all now. I emailed today and said they need to either give me a FIRM date on when it will delivered or else I want my money back. Really, I just want my money back because they suck so badly I don’t want to them to have my money at all. I want to spend it at another camera store that might actually give me what I ordered I exchange for money. A novel concept, I know.


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