Thursday 19 March 2015

I have 120 e-books of crochet patterns on Calibre. I have 167 e-books of knitting patterns. You know what I’m working on? Tree sweaters.

I taught today, which was good. Apart from a minor panic this morning when I realised that I’d photocopied all the pages for the preps’ indo booklets yesterday and then been so smug about being organised that I’d failed to collate and staple them. Fortunately Emma was there to help- while I cut all the pages to size she put them in order and then I stapled them, quickly enough that we arrived at school with even a minute to spare.

Nicholai was pleased with school tonight. In honour of pi day (which was last weekend) his school is holding a contest tomorrow at lunch time, where people need to recite the digits of pi as far as they can. The top ten contestants win the honour of throwing pies at teachers. So yeah…how do you think Mr. I’ve-memorised-the-digits-of-pi-to-65-places will go?

I went to Emma’s martial arts and participated today. I didn’t like it, but I pretended it was fun. And it was good to do something like that with Emma, and I know she really appreciated that I was there with her. Next week is the last week and she’s going to be breaking boards- I’m allowed to take my camera and take pictures then, so hopefully I’ll be able to show them.

Still no news on when my new camera lens will be delivered. This is the worst buying experience I’ve ever had and it’s something that I want so much! It’s driving me to despair.

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