Tuesday 17th March 2015

Soren’s teacher put in a referral for him to see the school speech therapist again. She said she wouldn’t have said he was improving and I said no, not so we’d noticed either. She also doesn’t think he’s really speaking at an age appropriate level. (In terms of articulation only- his receptive and expressive vocabulary is excellent and sometimes part of the problem, because he’s using complex words and they’re harder to guess when he can’t make the sounds properly!) Hayley knew that Soren had seen the speech therapist last year and was on a ‘wait and see’ kind of approach, but she doesn’t want to wait. She told me that there’s been a couple of times where he’s been upset and she hasn’t been able to understand when he’s trying to tell her why. There was also a moment yesterday when he needed her help with his spelling, but she couldn’t understand the word he was asking about. In the end the kid next to him said, “I think he’s trying to say…” and when Hayley asked Soren if that was it he nodded yes, but he was a bit teary by then. Poor Scooby. Hayley just thinks the issues aren’t improving and Soren’s only getting more self-conscious and anxious about it as time goes by.

It must be so frustrating for him to not be understood. It’s certainly frustrating to be the one who doesn’t understand him! I hope the speech therapist can do something, but I’m not overly optimistic. He did speak better with her when it was only a single word and he was really focussing, but so far he hasn’t been able to carry any of that over into regular speech or even when he’s reading.

Although on a cheery note, his actual reading has definitely improved over the term. I’m also really encouraging him to read, or at least try to read, things other than his readers because he honestly still believes he “can’t read”. He can read school readers, but he seems to doubt that he’s able to read things like signs and instructions and labels, so I’m trying push him past that hesitation.

Today was sweet though. Soren’s reader was called ‘Grandpa’s Clues’, and it was about a grandpa who gave his grandchildren notes with a clue on it to find the next note and so on. We finished that and I went on to do something else, and over the next fifteen minutes I saw him writing at the table and then running about with scraps of paper. Then he came back in with a huge grin and gave Jericho a little note with a clue on it, “so he can find the clues just like my book!” It was so cute. Jericho went and found all the clues, and then he and Soren made a team to write out some clues for Emma.

Well, this is all about Soren today, but my today was pretty unspectacular. I did more contacting at the library and kind of mooned about feeling a bit blah- maybe tomorrow will be more fun.


One thought on “Tuesday 17th March 2015

  1. David had the same problem for years. He finally began to talk when he was four but for years it was so difficult to understand him, leading to many tantrums. Speech therapy did help him a bit when it came to things like saying the consonants at the end of words, but mostly it was simple practice. What I also found was that the more complicated his vocabulary became the more he had to concentrate on his enunciation. Hopefully the same will happen with Soren as you say his vocabulary is expanding.

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