Project 365-2015: Day 076

Project 365-2015: Day 076 – The Labours of Hercules.
Well, not quite! But building a library from scratch certainly does seem like a monumental effort.
Our school has never had a real library. There were books in the classrooms for the kids to read, but as a small country school (there were only 38 kids there when we enrolled Nicholai) we were eligible for the MARC van (mobile library) and so a school library just wasn’t practical or necessary.
But seven years on, the school population has ballooned to over 100 and we’re no longer eligible for the MARC van. So a library is a necessity, and through donations and purchases and grants we’ve got a really great start. Except it ALL needs to be catalogued and covered and shelved and it’s not as though this is anyone’s paid job! Unfortunately it’s not a really popular volunteer job either, so getting our library set up completely is slow going.
I love it though. I go in most mornings now and contact books for an hour or two, just trying to catch up to where the cataloguing and labelling has got up to. Luna comes and sleeps on the dog bed I donated to the library (primarily for her, but also for the other school dogs when they’re in there!) and I just listen to music on my phone and contact away. I love it. It’s peaceful and orderly and the books smell so bookish and lovely and I get to alphabetise things. My biggest downfall is reading the books instead of contacting them- yes, reading a single picture book doesn’t take much time but five of them in a row does kind of add up! It’s a good thing I like the job though, because I’ll probably be doing it for the rest of the year.
I should have been a librarian. Why did I not do that?


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