Monday 16 March 2015

I had a CT scan on my lower back and hips today. It cost nearly $1000 and we are $600 out of pocket for that. I know I go on about money a lot sometimes, but holy hell that’s a lot! For that kind of money I really hope that they find something wrong! (Okay, that sounded dumb- but obviously something IS wrong because it hurts, so I really mean that I hope that they find the cause of it from this test.)

I’ll have to make an appointment with the referring doctor to find out what it said. I’m disappointed though, now they just email the scans and stuff right through to the doctor rather than give it to you in an envelope to carry with you- I think it’s always fun to see bits of your body in weird, medical ways and now I don’t get to do that.

I finished tree sweater #6 today and sewed it onto the tree. I feel as though I began this tree sweater project thinking ‘oh, there’s about six trees there, that’s doable!’ but in reality several of those trees have multiple trunks. I’m not particularly discouraged, it’s relaxing knitting so mindlessly, but now I don’t know what I’m actually aiming to achieve. At least tree sweater #6 was knitted with 6mm needles instead of the 4 or 5mm needles I had been using, so it worked up a bit quicker once I got used to the needles. Although I have to say, I don’t love using the 6mm needles, they just feel too awkward in my hands and my tension is not as even with those.

They had a lice inspection at school today, and we got one of the lovely “your child has lice eggs in their hair” notes home afterwards. For a moment I had a traumatic flashback to the great lice plague of 2012 (clearly I STILL haven’t got over that time!) when it felt like I was conditioning, combing and chemical bombing every second week. But it wasn’t as bad as that. The child in question has pretty bad dandruff at the moment, so I wasn’t even convinced that it was eggs at all, but I conditioned and combed through every single strand so if there was anything there it should be gone by now. Hopefully if the school is doing lice inspections and actually sending kids home if they have them (they did today) then it shouldn’t get to plague proportions. God, the things that fill my life up.

And this is just a totally weird photo I took of Nemesis, lying on the neighbour’s junk pile, with purple whiskers! I didn’t colour this and his whiskers weren’t purple in real life, it is just some weird trick of the light and the camera made it come out like this.

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