Sunday 15th March 2015

I’m starting to realise how big my children are getting, in terms of how much physical space they take up, and how it’s only going to get more problematic with time. I mean, they lie down on the couch now and one of them fills it up, and when I try and get in and out from my little corner of the couch I’m always falling over people’s legs and stepping on their feet. I’m just kind of astounded when I think about what it’s going to be like when they’re all teenagers. And while I’m glad they’re growing up, there’s something to be said for a toddler who just sits with their legs straight out on the couch and even their feet don’t come off the end.

We had another good day today. We got a lot of washing done and Troy did a little bit more weeding and tidying up in the yard. He borrowed the ute from his parents and took all the branches we’ve cut down recently and took them over to their place and threw them on the burning heap. Nicholai seemed a bit fidgety and spent a lot of time trailing around after Troy and I bombarding us with facts, and also annoying the other kids which was frustrating.

We did have a minor drama with Great-Nana. She pressed her medical emergency button, which is something she wears, but wasn’t answering calls or using the little speaker thing that comes with it. The service automatically calls an ambulance and then Jean if the button is pressed, but Jean and Steve are actually on their way to Adelaide today so she called Troy to run over and see what was going on. The ambulance was there when Troy arrived and Nana was okay- she’d tripped and fallen coming in from the backyard and couldn’t get back up. Although she was shaken she wasn’t hurt, so once the ambulance guys had checked her out thoroughly they said she was okay and left. Troy stayed to have a cup of tea and watch some cricket and just make sure she was okay.

I did a lot of writing, which was great. I’ve been in a slump and haven’t done anything much for a while, so hopefully I’ve broken out of that for a while. It will mean less tree sweater knitting being done, but that’s okay!

Back to school and work tomorrow for everyone else. Time seems to be going so fast at the moment, I can’t believe it’s already mid-March and we’re working out what we’re going to do over the Easter holidays.


One thought on “Sunday 15th March 2015

  1. When my kids were younger I thought we’d eventually need less space as their toy collection shrank, but I never counted on their growing bodies taking up so much space. I wonder if this is a common mistake parents make.

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