Saturday 14th March 2015

Today is pi day. 3/14 if you’re writing the date in an American way. Nicholai also pointed out that this is an extra special pi day because if you add the year onto the end you get 3/14/15 which is the first four decimal places. Considering the child has memorised pi to sixty decimal places I’ll take his word for it. However he wore the pi t-shirt Steve and Jean gave him for his birthday, so I guess he’s getting into the spirit. Then we even had a pie for tea, so he was thrilled.

The Claudia-fication of Emma’s wardrobe continues. Today she’s wearing her pink and white dress/skirt/top that I bought in Bali (it’s white with a pink print, and shirred at the top so it was originally a dress but then it got too short so she wore it as a skirt) as a top, with matching pink shorts underneath and a pink denim style jacket over the top. Best of all she’s accessorising, with dangly pink kangaroo earrings and a pink hairclip and the pink ballet flats that she wore last weekend. She’s so adorable I just want to hug her. She’s up to BSC #79, which really impresses me- I’m not sure that even at the height of my BSC love I could have read 79 of them in a row without anything else to break it up!

Jericho continued to work on his card for Kellan today, and finished it this afternoon. That’s really cute too. He told him how much he liked the Hercules movie and that he likes the look of Expendables but mum won’t let him watch it. (Lmao!) He drew him some cartoons and then he got me to print out a picture of Jericho’s Hercules re-enactment with his soldier figures, and a picture of Jericho and Luna. It’s the sweetest letter in the world and I nearly want to keep it.

Although I also read Emma’s letter today and, hilariously, she wrote that even though everyone else thinks Hercules is a terrible movie she really liked it. Of course this is actually true (the thing scored 3% on the movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes, which is unspeakably bad) but I thought it perhaps NOT what you would put into a letter, ha ha ha.

Nicholai is participating in a radio ratings survey at the moment. A man came to our house the other day looking for someone between the ages of 10 and 24 to do the survey and Troy at first said no because he and I are too old, before we remembered that we DO have someone in that age bracket. How bizarre that the children are old enough to participate in market research like this! Anyway, Nicholai has to keep track of each time he listens to the radio and mark it on this graph, saying whether he’s listening to it from a regular radio, digital radio, computer livestream- it’s all right up his alley actually. He basically only listens to sports radio though.

Soren is just doing Soren things. He can be quite tempestuous, but he’s also very laid back a lot of the time. He loves Godzilla a lot at the moment, although occasionally his love takes an alarming turn, like yesterday when he was helping him walk up the screen door. Or today, when Soren was about to kiss him and possibly get his lip bitten off for his trouble.

Today was so nice. Just really relaxing, with no plans and children actually getting along with each other for the most part! It makes such a difference when they’re not screaming or yelling at each other! Troy did some gardening and then helped Jericho take photos for his stop motion animation of a mudslide (which is going to be quite good I think). I cut Troy’s hair and made scones for lunch and did dishes and a lot of writing. Hopefully I’m out of my writing slump and that keeps up. The kids read and wrote fan letters and played with Lego and the lizard and spent their poker chips on electronics, and jumped on the trampoline and were basically delightful.


5 thoughts on “Saturday 14th March 2015

  1. That sounds like a really lovely day and all the kiddies personalities are so noticeable in this post, i hope tomorrow is another lovely day. I have put quite a few photos on facebook lately if you want to check out my kidlets. hope you wernt too sore after your walk the other day, xoxox

  2. Please can you take photos of Emma’s outfits and show us!!!!!!!!
    And write an Ann M Martin like description regarding said outfits??
    And can you buy her a famous cities shirt?????

    • Oh, I should totally do a little fashion photo and description with her!
      And now I really want them to have a book character day at school. It would be simple to make our own famous cities skirt with a sewing machine and some fabric markers, and then she could wear her ballet flats and a sweater and braid her hair and totally be Mary Anne Spier! How awesome would that be??? I can answer my own question…that would be dibbly fresh.

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