Thursday 12th March, 2015

Well, despite Jericho telling me yesterday about how many kids didn’t like Indonesian, teaching went pretty well today. Some children actually learned something, as in I saw the little light go on above their heads when a concept finally clicked for them, so that was very satisfying.

I came home for a while after that and replied to some emails and messages and…I don’t know, honestly! I felt like I’d only just got home when I looked at the clock and realised it was time to go back and pick up Emma for her martial arts group!

She had a good time. There are only two more weeks left now- next week I am supposed to join in (um…yay?) and then the last week she gets to break a board and we’re done.

The guy taking it did say today that there may be a sort of follow on program running after that, so we’ll think about that if it happens. Emma is enjoying it, and I think Jericho would have liked it a lot too. Of course they’ve got hockey now, so that might be an issue- we’ll have to see. While the kids might not mind having two activities each week, with a game as well, I’m not sure that I can cope with all that running around and juggling all their different schedules, to be honest.

Nicholai had his vaccinations at school today. DTaP and HPV is what they give them year 7. He got a lollipop, but he also cried. It threw his day out though, apparently he had a bit of a moment in PE. His teacher called (although I didn’t get to talk to her) but Troy spoke with Nicholai when he got home and he said it was okay. He said he was upset about the injections and his arms hurt- I think it’s fine.


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