Wednesday 11 March 2015

Today has felt like I was super disorganised, even though I wasn’t really.

I had a psychiatrist appointment this morning, and it was only after the appointment that we realised my referral letter had expired. So after I cried about that (and gosh I feel sorry for the receptionists at that place, because all the patients they deal with are obviously a bit off so I don’t think people crying about stupid things like that are all that uncommon) I drove straight to the GP and explained my predicament to the receptionist, who squeezed me in for an appointment. So it all got taken care of quite simply, it was only in my mind that it escalated into a huge drama.

It was really hard to get back on track to think about my classes for tomorrow, so I wound up having to do most of it after school. Jericho and Soren had swimming, and Emma left at 4.45 to walk down to the office and meet Troy to go to hockey training. So at least I had a bit of quiet to work on it (Nicholai basically doesn’t leave his room of a weekday afternoon, since he can play with his computer and ipad.). Although I had a couple of worksheets to create and also had to print and laminate a bunch of fake money for our fake shopping tomorrow, so it took ages.

Anyway, I’m prepared for tomorrow. Not that any of the children will be jumping up and down with joy- Jericho informed me sadly that none of the grade 4s like Indonesian and some of the grade 3 kids don’t like it either. I said it was okay, that I knew kids often disliked learning a language more as they got older. Soren joined in then and said that he thinks all the kids in his class like Indonesian. Jericho shook his head like a wise old mentor and said, “That’s because you’re in grade 1…younger children are more passionate about learning.”


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