Sunday 8th March 2015

Emma has been reading too many Babysitters Club books. Today she’s put together an outfit that consists of a short, ruffled skirt, a long sleeved t-shirt with a cat on it, a vest that’s tied in a knot in front, and a skinny belt over the t-shirt. She’s also done a side ponytail with a flower in it, and is wearing shoes that could conceivably be called ‘ballet flats’. How very Claudia of her!

It makes me laugh, but I love it. I’ve long ago given up on being very invested in what my children wear, and I love seeing her creativity here. Plus, she does actually look very cute, even if some of her fashion choices are a little odd!

Another quiet day here today. Despite it being a long weekend we haven’t really planned much. I had made plans for Jericho to go and play with Rylan today and then completely forgot about it. Luckily for me Aimi messaged me to ask what time we were going to drop him off so I was able to take him round at about mid-morning. They dropped him off at about five this evening, and Jericho was really tired but really happy. I so wish that Rylan hadn’t left our school and he and Jericho could still be every day friends!

I stitched a tree sweater onto a tree today. I also got Troy, when he went to the shopping centre, to buy me a pair of larger needles so that the next tree sweaters won’t be so closely knit and won’t take as long to do! Not that they’re taking all that long to do, admittedly (ten hours of Game of Thrones in three days was good) but I am starting to get impatient to finish doing what I wanted to get done and move on to something else.


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