Saturday 7th March 2015

We watched a lot of Game of Thrones today. Season 4, which we borrowed from the Oovie machine and have to give back tomorrow, so we’ve got to get through it today. Although I have to admit, I’m not enjoying this fourth season as much as the previous ones. There is far too much Theon, and his whole storyline makes me feel physically sick, and Tyrion has spent most of the season in a dungeon, and since he’s my favourite character that’s a bit of a loss.

However all that tv watching is good for my progress on the tree sweaters and the growing yarn forest in my backyard. I’m making one for a skinny branch at the moment so it’s only 25 stitches across- I almost spend more time turning it around than I do knitting across it.

Emma spent the day away making candles with Chloe and Anna. Apparently the wax chips I bought go further than I thought, because they’ve made over seventy candles and there’s still heaps left. So maybe I’ll be making some candles myself.

The boys spent the day using up their poker chips for electronics time, playing with Lego, and fighting each other. Now they’re lying around the loungeroom with Troy watching some kind of car thing called Monster Jam racing, involving machine with giant wheels racing over what looks like an oversized BMX track. Occasionally I am so disheartened at the idea of years of boy things like this. They’ll all want to watch sports and car racing and MMA and wrestling and I will just want to cry. I’ll have to start hanging out in my study or something.

I am also feeling disheartened about my project 365, since I haven’t been able to replace my broken lens yet. I ordered one online, and when it didn’t seem to be arriving I went and checked and discovered that ‘available’ apparently means ‘in a far distant warehouse that will require 10-15 days for us to fetch it and send it to you’. I was already frustrated enough by this, but they’ve just sent me an email apologising for the delay and saying that they now estimate that I will have an update on March 13th. This update could be the delivery of the lens, or it could be something that tells me I’ll have to two weeks from then. I could cancel the order (although they’ve already taken our money, so that would be a pain in the neck) and try and get it from somewhere else, but it kind of feels like I’ve already waited so long I may as well just wait a bit more. I don’t know, I hate it when things like this go wrong!

The upshot of it means that I’m doing my photo a day with my 50mm macro lens, and then my zoom lens that means I have to be kind of far away for it to work. This is obviously doable, but for whatever reason it’s not as fun. And every time I think about the non-arrived new lens I am filled with impotent rage, because I think the company is shit for saying it’s available if it’s not! I would not have ordered it from them if I had known it would take so long!

Okay, that was just a big whinge. It’s really that big a drama, and I got an adorable photo of a ladybug today so I don’t even know what I’m complaining about.


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