Friday 6th March 2015

Do you think the ladies on the checkout at IGA would be judging me for going in practically every single day to buy a snack? Today I became so paranoid about that that I went to the service station instead on my way home from school. It’s ridiculous.

I stayed at school to contact more books this morning, and I discovered a new hatred- textured book covers. Seriously publishers, please don’t! It makes the contact look like such crap! But I covered books for an hour and a half and got a pile done, so that’s good.

I spent a while on the computer and then knitting after I came home. I finished tree sweater #4 and went and sewed it on to the tree outside. It’s pink (very pink) and I actually quite like it on the tree so that’s good.

Jericho had a friend come over after school, which made him happy. This is the boy he’s been playing with at school, so hopefully getting together outside school times will strengthen that friendship and leave Jericho feeling a bit more secure.

Emma’s going to go over to a friend’s house tomorrow. Actually, it’s one of her partners in business, since the grade 5/6s are doing what they call ‘Business Maths’ which has involved them creating a business to make and sell a product. Emma, Chloe and Anna are making candles, so I think tomorrow is set to be candle making day. The class will be having a little after-school market in a couple of weeks so that parents can buy their products and they can hopefully make some money. The idea was that the kids would try and get donations for the materials they needed, and if they had to buy something they could borrow money from their parents and pay it back, which they had to take into account when pricing their items. Any money made by the class after expenses is going to buy new sports equipment.

It’s really a good idea for a maths program, but I’m frustrated at the lack of information about it that has come home, considering how much the parents have to be involved. I just feel that it could have been better organised maybe.

Or else I’m just a crank who is so sick of doing the normal thing that the last thing I wanted added to my list of things is a candle making business run by eleven year olds.

Soren’s reading is improving, and tonight we reached the magical “25 Nights” milestone. So next week he gets to move his car up from the start line of the reading rainbow and will get a star reader certificate at assembly. Unlike Jericho who never really gave a crap about the reading rainbow (thank goodness, because we failed utterly to keep track of his reading) Soren really, REALLY wants to move along it. He keeps asking to do his readers and write them into the book, which is good because it means we don’t forget. And Jericho apparently likes being the one to do Soren’s reading with him, because a few times he’s sat with him and listened and helped him, and then signed the book.

His reading is funny though. He still reads mostly like a robot, one word at a time, although his comprehension and recall is actually pretty good. But he’s obviously trying to add some expression to his reading like they’re supposed to, because whenever there is a sentence ending in an exclamation mark Soren absolutely bellows out the last word. Just the last word. It’s kind of funny sometimes. “The…mouse…ran…back…into…his…HOLE!”

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