Sunday 1st March 2015

After some really heavy rain last night, today turned out to be a lovely sunny day. Just right for a weekend- the kids were able to go out and play, which I’m sure is good for their energy levels. No one really wanted to do anything of any great importance. Although now that cricket is finished we’ll have a few weekends before we have to start in with the football, so I might try and organise us to do a few family things in that time.

I was pretty lazy today. (I know, hold back your shock). Washing and dishes, and chatting online. I’ve done a little bit of writing too though, which is nice- I haven’t really been doing anything with that so far this year, so it would be good to get back into it.

Sometimes Jericho and Soren are so good to each other that it’s beautiful. It’s funny, because they are definitely each other’s best friend and worst enemies. They like a lot of the same things, so I’m definitely hopeful that they will eventually settle more on the ‘friendship’ side of things. Today, while Jericho was away at the supermarket with Troy, Soren drew a picture of a person and wrote ‘the J-man’ across the top and then sticky taped it to their bedroom door for Jericho to find. It was such a nice thing, and Jericho was so touched by it! He said thank you to Soren multiple times and patted him on his head and then said to me, “It was so sweet of him to do that!”

I hope I get my new lens delivered soon. It’s so frustrating, at the moment I either have to take macro shots or stand a million miles away from what I want to take a picture of! Considering I’m trundling along trying to take a photo a day this is very unhelpful.


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