Saturday 28 February 2015

The kids were crazy today. Jericho especially was just out of his tree. I have no idea what triggered this behaviour today, but it was quite disturbing.

Nicholai had his last cricket game today. It was meant to be a two-day game, but half of Nicholai’s team is going to be away next week so they agreed to just play it all today. Nicholai went out for a duck and his team lost by 109 runs, so it was rather an ignominious end to the season. He wasn’t too disheartened though; he’s had a good time playing this season even though there wasn’t a lot of success with it. I will always admire that about Nicholai, that he doesn’t let himself get too discouraged. He’ll be miserable over a result, but he’s always willing to get up and try again.

Yesterday he even went in his school swimming carnival. Voluntarily! He went in four events and came dead last in three of them and 4th (out of 8) in the other one. I was so pleased that he’d given it a go!

The friendship trouble at school is definitely causing Jericho a bit of unhappiness. Now that the subject has been broached he’s been a bit more open about it. It’s such a hard one though! No one is ever mean to him or refuses to let him play with them. No one dislikes him- he’s actually quite popular in the classroom. It’s just that he doesn’t want to play sports and the other boys too. I asked about playing with the girls and he said they’re always pretending that they’re ponies, so that doesn’t excite him either.

It’s one of the negative aspects of being at a small school, that you only have a limited pool of possible friends. Unfortunately Jericho is in a cohort of boys who like sport. We’ve talked about other things he might be able to do during lunch or play by himself, which might work for him. He can keep on being friends with the child he’s been hanging around with the most. Troy said they can practise with the footy at home if Jericho wants, and maybe if he was more confident with that he might want to join in the with the football boys.

We have a small, furry houseguest tonight. Murphy, the poodle puppy that belongs to one of the other teachers at the school, has come to stay for the night. He’s just a tiny little puffball, it’s been quite funny watching him run around. He and Luna have been a bit crazy together, which was hilarious to watch. He’s a good dog though, after the initial Luna-and-Murphy madness of racing and wrestling all around the house he’s settled down quite nicely. He’s not as lazy as Luna so he didn’t sleep all afternoon like she likes to, but he seems quite happy to play with the kids and bark at Pedro. I don’t think I’d constantly want two dogs in the house, but he’s well behaved enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes if Jody asked me to look after him again.

Apart from cricket and crazy dogs today was pretty relaxing. We watched the Avengers this afternoon and I did some knitting – I was pretending it was winter because the sky outside was quite grey but it was a bit hard to pull off as the heat increased!


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