Thursday 26 February 2015

Teaching went well today. A couple of the classes were really exceptionally good and working with them was a pleasure.

I spoke to Soren’s teacher about his reading today too. I’ve not been worried about him as such, but I wanted to make sure he was reading at the level he’s supposed to be at. He doesn’t read as well as Nicholai, Emma and Jericho did at this stage of their schooling, but since they were all advanced I don’t really have much of a baseline for ‘normal’ and I wanted to make sure that Soren was on it. Hayley said that Soren is reading at standard, so there’s no real need to worry. However she also said that she’s keeping an eye on him because she is wondering how much his speech is impacting on his reading. Obviously his speech isn’t great, and she said at the moment the disconnect between what he hears other people say, what he thinks the letters say, and what he hears coming out of his own mouth might be making it harder for him to progress. So we’ll probably have to get the speech therapist involved again at some point. I’m glad that I don’t need to be worrying about him particularly. The speech issue is pretty frustrating though, because it makes him so much more reluctant to speak up in front of people and that’s obviously a big part of things at school.

Emma had a breakdown at school today, because she doesn’t want to take part in the school swimming carnival. I let her sit in the front seat of the car on the way to her MAT group and we talked about it. She said she didn’t want to be part of it, that she doesn’t like how competitive some of the people in her grade are, and she just doesn’t like that kind of thing.

In truth I don’t blame her- who likes swimming carnivals? However, there are benefits involved in being in swimming carnivals and athletics carnivals and all kind of horrible things that you don’t like, and it worries me that Emma is becoming too avoidant of doing anything that she doesn’t like/ is scared of. So she doesn’t have to go in any swimming races (her teachers told her that before I talked to her), but I’ve told her she has to participate in some capacity, like helping with the timing or organising the preps for their races or something like that. She didn’t seem all that enthusiastic about that, but I’m sure she’ll find it better than swimming and she needs to be involved in whole-school activities.

Jericho was unhappy tonight too. He cried when he was talking to Troy, because he’s not very happy at school at the moment. He says it’s ‘not fun’, which is not a terribly helpful explanation. I spoke to his teacher last week and she said he’s coping with the work well and seems to be managing fine at school, but clearly he’s not and there’s something going on in his little head.

I wonder if some of it is about the friendship element, which is something he’s talked about a little. Jericho has played with different kids over the years and was always happy with that. He didn’t really have a best friend until he and Rylan started hanging out at the end of grade 1/ beginning of grade 2, although he had always been happy before that playing with different kids. Rylan left last year and Jericho was a bit lost after that, but then he seemed to settle down a bit. He’s mostly been playing with one particular boy, but I don’t think it’s quite the same as the friendship he and Rylan have and so Jericho’s a bit lonely. Nearly all the other boys in his class have started playing sports at lunch and recess, and while Jericho doesn’t mind playing occasionally it’s really not his thing. (Which is something that I occasionally think is a pity- Jericho is not really interested in sport but he has the ability to be very good it if he wanted to be, and Nicholai loves it but really is never going to develop any great skill level!) So maybe that’s more of a problem for Jericho than we thought. Or maybe it’s something else altogether.

I don’t know. Just feeling a bit sad about it all tonight and wishing there was something to do about it that would really work for them.

On the other hand, Nicholai is doing well! It’s his birthday tomorrow, which he’s been oddly emotional about. But he is thirteen, and that’s a big deal!

The little bear is going to be thirteen years old. Oh, my heart.


One thought on “Thursday 26 February 2015

  1. David had terrible speech in his early years at primary school which made sounding out words and letters a no – hoper. He hated reading during his early years but suddenly progressed at it in his later primary years at about the same time as he had a sudden vocabulary explosion. As Soren is reading at level his speech doesn’t seem to be impeding him. It’s so hard not to worry, though, isn’t it?

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