Wednesday 25 February 2015

Next time I think I can procrastinate all day and do my teaching prep in the afternoon while the boys are at swimming, I need to think again. Otherwise I will end up doing what I’m doing now, and laminating fake Indonesian money or something similar after 8.30 at night.

Really, half the time I just plan what I’m doing in class and decide I’m all organised and then come up with some new idea that involves photoshop and cutting and pasting and laminating and I’m still scrambling just before bed time. Oh well, live and learn. And while I’ve got some real rupiah to show them tomorrow, I don’t really want to use that for shopping role plays and such things since it’s relatively fragile. Fake, laminated money is better for that!

Although Jericho saw me printing out Indo banknotes and was quite horrified that I was making fake money and risking going to prison!

So yeah, my planning took a lot longer today than I thought it would. Apart from that it was the usual. Housework, library, hopefully some knitting once I’ve done this.

Jericho’s class came into the library to borrow while I was in there today. He has three overdue books, so just had to sit down and read. I am so frustrated with the lost library books after having to pay for several over the past year or two! One of Jericho’s books I have found, the other two I have no idea. It really does aggravate me no end- I have never lost a library book in my whole life and my children just seem to scatter them gaily to the four winds. We have a plastic crate that lives in the loungeroom for the sole purpose of holding library books- what more can I do??? Jericho is going to have to cough up some pocket money for part of the replacement costs, so hopefully that will make an impression on him and he’ll take more care in future.

I fed Godzilla a snail this afternoon. I know that blue tongues are supposed to like them and when we first got him we tried to give him one but he couldn’t have been less interested. Today I found one eating all our catalogues in the letter box so I threw it into the lizard enclosure just in case, and Godzilla came right over and crunched it all up. It was disgustingly fascinating.


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