Monday 23rd February 2015

How is it that, in a house with so many board games, we don’t have any dice??? Even Yahtzee, which needs FIVE dice to play, yielded none when we went on a search for the single die we needed for Soren’s homework!

Soren was excited to do homework today. It was his first homework sheet, he’s only ever really had readers before, so it was a momentous occasion for him.

Today was good. I took the kids to school and stayed to do some work in the library. I’m getting quicker at contacting the books, I suppose that’s something. I took Luna’s new cushion and she slept on it the entire time we were there. She really is the laziest dog in creation.

At home I did some vacuuming and had to run out and bring in all the washing as it (and me) got rained on. So all that had to go into the dryer to dry out all the raindrops. I completely forgot that Sue was coming over for lunch and was just replying to messages whilst wearing no pants when she came to the door. So instead of letting her in I had to run out to my room and find pants before I could go and invite her in…wonderful hostess, aren’t I? Anyway, once I got passed being embarrassed about that I had a good chat with her.

I loved the cool change this afternoon. I am so sick of the heat! It was raining while I was driving to school, which felt very bizarre actually.

I stopped to take a photo and then discovered that the main lens I use with my camera won’t focus anymore. It’s been a little bit temperamental for a while (since I was in the city with Lee, I first noticed it then) and sometimes wasn’t doing what it was supposed to, but it usually gave in and started working properly after a bit. Today it pretty much just crossed the line into ‘piece of junk’ territory. Of course when I’m doing a photo-a-day project, this is pretty damn inconvenient! So there’s either to be highly zoomed or macro photos until I can get a replacement (which I’m trying to do right now but my internet is going SO SLOWLY that pages keep timing out while they’re trying to load!)


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