Wednesday 18th February

I had a nice day today. Finally some cooler, less humid weather!

I didn’t have to drive the kids to school this morning. Jean turned up to collect her Lite-n-easy when the kids were putting on their shoes and socks, and since she was just heading back that way she took the kids with her. That was a bit of a bonus.

Not that I made any great use of the extra time! I watched an X-files episode and did some knitting, did some cleaning up, and then started my prep for teaching tomorrow.

I’m taking one of my books about Indonesia to do with the preps tomorrow. I’ll read them some of that and show them some pictures while they eat their brain food, and then we might start Indonesian letterland. Grade 1 will keep going with colours, and grades 2-4 will continue with ‘in the classroom’. I’m going to start a unit on shopping with the senior grade. For tomorrow I wrote a sheet out with some info about Indonesian markets, using Indonesian words for things like market, seller, buyer etc, and then added a word search for those words at the bottom. I’ve never done shopping with any of the kids before, but I think it will work well in the senior room. The lesson tomorrow gives them a bit of vocab to start with, then we can do a lesson on money, then a lesson on some phrases to use at the market, and then do some role playing. It should be really fun.

I had craft this afternoon. I finished off making my Indo handouts and then did some knitting. Still going on the tree sweater. We didn’t talk about anything particularly exciting, just the usual things. Although we were talking about reading and books, and one of my friends said that she doesn’t read, apart from things on the internet. She said she ‘doesn’t have time for novels’. I just can’t grasp it…how do you not have time to read? How do you not make time?

It really does boggle my mind, that people don’t read. I don’t spend hours lying about reading like I used to, but I read every night before bed and I cram in quite a lot of reading in short burst during the day- I read while I eat and go to the toilet and clean my teeth and cook (some things) and wait for the kids or wait at any appointment. I’m reading Game of Thrones at the moment so I’m not finishing as many books as I usually do, but I’m certainly reading.

But everyone in this house reads I guess. Even Soren, who can’t read that well by himself, is improving every day, and he loves that we’ve started reading chapter books together. He thought The Twits was awesome, and now we’re reading George’s Marvellous Medicine, which he also loves. I think we’ll do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next, since he’s enjoying the Roald Dahl so much. Jericho is reading Harry Potter again, mixing it up with some of the Zac Power books. Emma has gone back to reading the Babysitters Club books again. It’s funny though, every time she’s ever read them she starts from book 1, rather than starting from the book that she read last. With 151 books just in the main series, she’s going to have to read a LOT of them in a row if she doesn’t want to have to go back to book 1 again! Nicholai just reads one of the millions of maths or science or sports or fact books that are on his e-reader. He’ll occasionally share a random bit of trivia with me, but I never actually know if it’s something he’s just read or something he’s just thought of.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday 18th February

    • I grew up in a family where pretty much everyone liked reading, and then I married Troy who reads every day, as does his family. When Troy and I moved to this house “space to put all the books” was legitimately a criteria we were judging places by! I’m probably a terrible guest, whenever I go to people’s houses I can’t stop myself from checking out their bookshelves.
      Have you seen Game of Thrones? I’ve watched the first three seasons and I think they did a really good job translating it to the screen. It’s interesting to talk about it with Troy, because he read the books before he saw the show, and I’m going the other way.

      • Well i have watched the first two and part of the third but i am finding it a little disapointing! The series doesn’t have the same pace as the book i find!

  1. I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Luke a few months ago. He loved it – was practically squealing with delight when Charlie got the last gold ticket. Reading it as an adult though – I found it disturbing on so many levels (horrible view of children, oompa loompa labour and so on). I guess I’ve become a quite prude already… haha… We continued with the Great Glass Elevator, at Luke’s insistence, which I found just as painful. I think I will try the Twits though. Would be a nice break from Astrosaurs…

    • Oh, I never liked the Great Glass Elevator. I’ll be interested to see what I think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after not having read it for so many years. I think Soren will love it, he’s certainly been laughing at all the cheeky bits in the Twits and George’s Marvellous Medicine.
      I don’t even know what Astrosaurs are! But I’d lay a guess that we’re talking about dinosaurs in space?

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