Tuesday 17th February 2015

Had the fun of homework drama tonight- Jericho whining about boring spelling words and Emma weeping over her fractions. A joy, as always.

Jericho has been whining a lot about being bored and nothing fun ever happening at school. Honestly I’m a bit baffled. The others have always loved school. I liked school! I don’t know what to do with his complaints about boredom. (Especially since he is a total drama queen, I doubt he is actually unhappy or anything, I think he’s probably just moaning for effect).

At least Soren is happy to do his reading homework. We’re trying to do it in the afternoon after school rather than wait until after tea, and I think that’s working a bit better. I’m determined to keep up with it and write it in his book. They have that damned reading rainbow in their room that Jericho had last year, and this year I really don’t want to be shamed as the slacker mum who never does the readers with their child!

I did more work in the library this morning though, that must count for something. It’s quite satisfying putting the contact on the books and having a nice neat stack of them and then organising them onto the shelves. Some of them are hard to cover because they’re older books and maybe have a crease or some crumpled corners, but I do what I can and I think that it will be fine in the end.

I finished knitting the red stripe for my tree sweater today. So far I have a pink, a green and now a red stripe (all sewn together), and I will probably start the yellow one later. It’s pretty endless knitting, I will have used absolutely kilometres of yarn by the time I finish, but I think it will look lovely. I hope it will look lovely, or else I will have wasted hundreds of hours along with the kilometres of yarn!


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