Sunday 15th February 2015

Well, a lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon spent watching the Hobbit and knitting turned into an incredibly stressful Sunday evening with kids who all seem to have gone berserk. Seriously, they just get to this point sometimes where it’s all yelling and wrestling and being silly to such an extent that you know it’s not going to end until they go to bed. Which they have all fortunately done.

I trimmed back a couple of trees in the front yard this morning. They had several branches just hanging down- not huge ones but it meant you couldn’t really walk between them any more and they were looking pretty scrappy. I filled up the green waste bit and had to stop, although I was not unhappy with this state of affairs. I managed to jam my palm and my finger in between the handles of the secaturs and gave myself a hideously painful bruise. I had to go inside and hold an ice brick in my hand because it hurt so much I started feeling sick, which is usually a precursor to fainting. Yes, I’m still that pathetic that I will faint if I hurt myself!

Nicholai had a hard day. He was dropped off by Steve before lunch, and he said he had a good time watching the cricket with them, so that was okay. But by late afternoon he was just in tears, for no reason that we could discern or that he could explain. Nicholai and I went and lay down on my bed so he could talk to me, but he continued to cry a lot.

He did confess that he’d used the ipad at Grandma and Pop’s house even though we’d told him yesterday that for sneaking the ipad he lost his technology for the week. (That wasn’t actually a big deal to us at all as we had assumed that he would use the ipad or computer there. We learned long ago that Grandma and Pop are not good at enforcing punishments, and honestly it’s not their job either.)

So I calmed him down about that, a little, but he was still pretty upset. He said he just keeps crying about everything, and we talked about how that could be hormones, or tiredness, or stress and anxiety looking for a way to come out. He’s had so many changes in his life recently, with the transition to high school, and there’s so much he has to adjust to that it’s no wonder he’s feeling a bit on edge at the moment. He agreed with me about that, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s still got a lot to get used to and I think there’s going to continue to be a fair bit of extra stress for a while. I told him if he was really struggling with things and getting overwhelmed I could talk to his teacher for him and we could try and work something out, but he said he was okay for now so I’ll go along with that. At least as long as he seems to settle down a bit soon.

I feel so badly over it. Not because there’s anything to be done, but just because it’s hard to see him struggle. I’m glad he has at least talked (and sobbed) about it now and knows that he’s not on his own and we’ll help him if we can. I think he’s putting some pretty high expectations on himself though, and I hope he knows it’s okay to take his time a little and step back if he needs to.


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