Friday 13th February 2015

Jean asked Nicholai yesterday how many boys and how many girls were in his class. He told her there were fourteen boys and ten girls, and then said that was a little bit sad…because that meant four boys would be left out on Valentines Day. Ha ha ha!

Today was a nice day. I am really going to love Fridays I think. I dropped Troy off at work first and then took the kids to school before I drove over to the shopping centre. I needed to buy a laundry basket and some new bathers for Jericho, but as if it’s ever possible to go shopping there and not buy a million things that aren’t on the list. So I came home with a laundry basket, but it was full of bathers for Jericho, a fox onesie for Emma’s winter pyjamas (I knew she’d love it, and it’s a pretty safe bet that whatever she wore last year will be well outgrown by the time cold weather rolls around again), new drink bottles for each of the kids, some glass jars for Emma and her candle making business (her maths project with Anna and Chloe), and more yarn for the tree sweaters.

I’m getting back into my project 365 too. I took my camera and thought I’d stop and take some photos of the ponies while I was driving back. So I pulled over at the side of the road where I could and walked back to the ponies, carrying my camera. I took some pony photos that were cute but not that great, and then I found the spider on the seedpod while I was walking back. I took that to the gatepost near the car and took lots of photos, and it was so fun that I didn’t even care about the millions of cars that passed me while I was looking like a weird taking a photo of the gatepost! Okay, it was probably only about ten cars, it’s not a very busy road. It’s just that I always feel so pretentious taking photos out in public like that, so it’s good that today I just didn’t worry about it.


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