Sunday 8th February 2015

Today was a very trying day. The children were…difficult? Possessed by demons? It’s hard to say.

I don’t even know WHY! It’s Sunday, all they had to do was play. But everything was a drama, Soren barely said a word that wasn’t whining, Jericho threw a giant screeching tantrum that seemed to go on for half the afternoon. Emma was pretty good but she’s got some kind of rash all over that had become itchy by late afternoon so she was complaining a bit about that. I hope it’s better by tomorrow actually, or else I’ll have to keep her home from school and take her to the doctor.

Nicholai is registered for football this season. He and Troy went up to oval to do that, although I don’t know why they had to do that since Troy actually registered him online. But, whatever. He’s playing in the under 14s this year, which makes me slightly anxious. He’s nearly thirteen, but he’s still so small! And some of the kids will be really big by now. Still, we’ll just have to see how it goes and hope that he doesn’t get broken.

Actually, it hasn’t been the best of weekends honestly. Today was full of whining and screeching and hysteria, and yesterday involved six hours at the RACV club with Troy’s family. We all had lunch at the sausage sizzle they had on, and then Troy and his brothers and dad, plus Will and Zach, went and played golf. Susie, Jean and I had her girls and all my kids and then Brett turned up and we had Elroy and his girls too. Gosh, so nice of you to come and give us more kids to look after Brett!

We let the kids jump on the jumping castle for a while and then walked over to the tennis courts. At that point Jean discovered that Brett had left us Elroy, but hadn’t left any nappies for him. So Jean had to take Elroy in the pram and walk into town to buy some while Susan and I watched all the kids play tennis.

Or fight. Because that turned into a debacle too. Emma was being a bit of a shit, to be quite honest, and when Alex starting bossing her around she just went all passive aggressive and refused to speak to her. So Emma and Charlotte were standing there together and Alex was going off upset (I think, I couldn’t see her) when Susie saw this and yelled at Emma and Charlotte that if they were being mean to Alex she would get mad at them. Although she already sounded furious, so Emma went off and cried and Charlotte looked terrified and then came and told me that Alex was upset because she was bossing them around and Emma said she wouldn’t speak to her. So, you can imagine how fun that was.

Susan went and talked to Alex, and then she was going round the tennis court collecting the racquets when I heard her say “You girls have got to get along!” to Emma. At that point I said, “Susan, don’t have a go at her”. Which was a mistake on my part, because Susie had started this off with an apology to Emma that I hadn’t heard. So I apologised to Susan and she said she knew that Alex’s bossiness was an issue and I said I said that Emma was being pretty passive aggressive and Susie and I were fine. We took the kids back to the jumping pillow and Alex apologised and Emma cried and they were fine too. It was just so infuriating! The girls usually get along well, but I think at the moment Alex and Emma both have their own shit going on and were taking it out on each other, with Charlotte (who is two years younger) kind of caught in the middle.

Jean eventually got back with Elroy and we went to the pool. This was fun for all the kids, they were really having a good time, but it was also pretty stressful for me. The pool was busy, and there were eight kids I was trying to keep an eye on. Elroy didn’t want to get in the pool with Susie so Jean was walking around with him but the pool tiles were so slippery that they went outside. It just makes me furious that Susie and I get stuck with looking after Brett’s kids again! Not because the girls are hard work (they’re really not) but just because no one ever asks if that’s okay.

April eventually turned up and took Elroy, but didn’t even bother saying anything to Susie and I about looking after the other kids. She just went out to the playground with her child, and to hell with her stepkids.

Will and Zach came over when they were tired of playing golf, so that was ten kids to watch over. At least by then the pool was a lot emptier so it was a lot easier to keep track of the kids in their little groupings. Jean took the older girls and Soren to the spa too, which they all liked.

Finally Troy and the other golfers turned up, and Troy and I hauled the kids out of the pool and got them showered and dressed. None of them complained, it was nearly 6pm by then and they were all really tired.

Basically, it was a kind of shitty day. I mean, it’s good watching the kids have fun, but the girls’ drama was depressing, and both Susie and I always feel resentful about Brett’s kids getting dumped on us. The family dynamic with him and his parents and his kids and April and Rachel is so screwed up. Brett’s been in a vile mood lately anyway. He and April went to court to try and get the custody arrangement changed so they’d have the kids more often, but instead it was recommended (and now implemented) that his custody was basically cut in half. He and April will only have the kids every second weekend now. I get why that would make him mad, but at the same time…he dumps his kids on his parents every chance he gets, why should it actually bother him if he has to look after them less often?


One thought on “Sunday 8th February 2015

  1. I’m sorry you had to deal with all this. It’s maddening when relations constantly dump their kids on you, but you can’t say or do much of anything for the sake of those children. In my family my oldest brother and Stu’s younger sister were the master at taking advantage. Stu’s sister dumped her older son on her parents pretty much every day and took up so much of their time that my own kids could never spend as much time with their grandparents. That will always bother me.

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