Friday 6 December 2013

I love our extension. I just go out there every afternoon once the builders have gone and just look at it for a while. It’s so quiet there, you can’t hear the noise from the loungeroom or the kids running up and down the hallway.

I don’t know what the builders did today. They were here this morning and I think they were pulling a ladder out to get up on the roof and fix the leaks, but they were gone by mid morning. The painter was here though, he was painting outside so I think he’s done on the inside.

I taught this morning. Despite it being a transition day and the classes being a bit muddled it went well. When I got to the senior room Emma was as white as a sheet and feeling sick so I had to call Troy to come and get her since I still had three more classes to teach. Fortunately he had no appointments so he was able to leave work right away and look after Emma at home until I finished.

In the end Emma wasn’t really that sick. I’m not sure what happened- she certainly looked dreadful at school, but she didn’t actually throw up. She was very quiet when Troy first bought her home, but she felt better later and ate her lunch and by the time I came back with the boys she felt fine.

It was the big prep transition day today where they go until the end of lunch time. Soren just loves the idea of going to school, so he was happy to trot down to his classroom and then wave me off to teach while he stayed in the prep room. I had to teach them Indonesian which was kind of funny, they all just seemed so little!

It did mean I felt like I did nothing but drive back on forth to school today. There in the morning, home after teaching, back to pick up Soren at 1.30, then back to pick up Nicholai and Jericho at 3.30.

I spoke the prep teacher about Soren’s speech. She’s going to put the paperwork in to get a speech therapist assessment of him as soon as school starts next year. She told me that this morning he was trying to tell them what he wanted for Christmas and no one could understand him and he started getting a bit upset so we definitely need to do something. Admittedly he was trying to say the word ‘Schleich’ which no one can say anyway, but that’s not the only time they’ve had trouble understanding him. I think he’s having more issues with dribbling too, which could relate to his speech if there’s something not quite right about his muscle tone. I guess we’ll get the experts in to have a look at him and see what we do.


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