Monday, 11th June 2012

Today was the Queen’s birthday holiday, so it was a day of no school or work and lots of lovely family togetherness…or, as anyone who has ever had siblings probably knows, it was more a day of children poking and teasing and making mummy shout! Really, quite a frustrating day in lots of ways, culminating in serving spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and the inevitable accompanying histrionics from Nicholai. I get it, he hates it, I’m going to keep on serving it out…just sit there and eat it or sit there and starve, I don’t care, just shut up about it!

Although I laughed afterwards, in a kind of laugh-or-I’ll-cry way. There was a conversation between Troy and Nicholai and I, and at the end of it I said to Nicholai, “There’ll be no homophobia in this house, thanks very much.” And then Jericho said to me seriously, “He doesn’t have that…he has spaghetti bolognaise-aphobia.”

It wasn’t all bad today, of course. I slept in for ages, (thank you Troy!) and did some knitting and watching Heroes. I’m back working on a vest for Troy to wear at golf, and considering I only had a few inches of the back done before I stopped knitting and started painting I have a long way to go with this. Hopefully once I get back into the habit of knitting it will move along quickly.

I’m getting closer to making the final decisions on my next tattoo. I’ve wanted a text tattoo, with the words ‘beautiful wonderful’ on my right forearm for ages, but tattoos are pretty much the ultimate want in the need versus want debate of family finances so it hasn’t been done. When I got my job I thought maybe I’d do it now, it would be kind of cool to go and do it with the first money I’ve ever earned from my worked-for degree! I did have some hesitation over the length of the words though (I want it big enough that when it blurs with time it will still be clear, but I don’t want it to fill up my whole arm, just balance my other tattoo), and then Troy told me that it translates into latin as ‘bella mira’ so I could tattoo that instead. So at the moment I’ve got a word document with ‘beautiful wonderful’ and ‘bella mira’ typed out in different fonts and I’ve been opening it each day, deleting the samples that I don’t want, and pondering what’s left. I’m down to three different fonts, so I’m getting closer to making a decision! That’s pretty good- I wanted a tattoo since I was really little but it took me thirty two years to get my first one, so getting a second one only two and a half/ three years later is surprisingly quick, ha ha ha.

Not I’m going to go and have some drinks with Troy, watch this recap of Revenge that’s on tv, and ignore Nicholai and Emma who are once again playing around instead of going to sleep. Although Troy is wearing an appalling singlet, proof that just because something is free doesn’t mean you should actually get it! We’ve been drinking the Mother energy drinks and we sent in the barcodes and got this free personalised singlet that has Troy’s name on it…but add that to his freshly shaved head and stubbly, scruffy bears and he looks like he should be drinking beer and spitting on the floor and swearing a lot. It’s kind of hilariously awful, and I kept laughing at him while he wore it this afternoon which wasn’t very kind, although Troy made half the jokes about it so I don’t think he’s taking it too personally.

Just because he’s funny, here is a photo I took today of Nemesis cat, doing some circus tricks!


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