Monday, 28th May 2012

Today felt like a lazy day, even though it really wasn’t. I think because I spent a lot of time reading in between doing chores, and there’s something about reading in a quiet house that just feels like the height of decadent luxury to me at this time. Which is pretty tragic really!

Probably felt more like I was doing something naughty because I was reading the second 50 Shades of Grey book too. I’m even more embarrassed about reading it than I am embarrassed when I read Twilight (which is why I’m telling the whole world about it here, yeah, I don’t get it either). 50 Shades has about the same literary merit as Twilight, ie none!, and a whole lot of kinky sex thrown in just to make me feel even more awkward about it! Still, much like Twilight you just want to see how it all ends up, and although it’s probably ten times as long as it needs to be to get through the points of the plot it’s not like it takes very long to read.

Apart from reading I did a lot of tidying up, which was about as exciting as you’d think. I had to put everything back in Nicholai and Emma’s room and make up their beds again, which took a surprisingly long time. But their room is SO neat now and looks so good…too bad they came home from school and went right in to mess it up.

Happy, happy news though, as Bruno the handyman called Troy and said with all the rain he can’t work on his big job for a while and he’ll be over early tomorrow morning to make a start on our library floor! Hooray for rain! I can’t wait to have a proper library again. It hurts me to think of all my beloved books boxed up in the garage, I want them back on their shelves all ready to be read. Well, I’ll have to buy the shelves first I suppose! Still, that will be fun- once the floor is done I’m going to paint it, then buy the shelves and then arrange furniture and alphabetise everything and update my library database…crap, I am such a dork sometimes I even astonish myself.

Troy’s come home from work with a cold. So I’m sure I’ll spend the next couple of days suffering alongside his bout of man-flu. Lovely.

And here’s Nicholai and Emma’s bedroom, all painted and tidied.

And just in case anyone is not as intimately familiar with the Ikea catalogue as I seem to be becoming, this is our new chair and bargain coffee table.


One thought on “Monday, 28th May 2012

  1. You’ve done such an amazing painting job! I love the green in the kids’ bedrooms. It’s such a relaxing colour, so let’s hope it helps them to settle to sleep better. 😉

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