Thursday, 17th May 2012

The joy of baking!

I did no painting today. It felt weird! I realised that I’ve been working on painting the house for nearly a month now though, so that’s quite a long time. I still have four rooms to go, so it will probably be another month until I finish. Although I am currently blank on opinions as to what colour to do the bedrooms, so that might slow me down a little bit, it’s hard to paint when I’m clearly not decisive enough to choose a paint colour.

Craft afternoon today. Well, hang out and chat with the friends afternoon really. I did my lesson plans and transferred photos to a memory stick for my digital photo frame, Miffi made sugar flowers for cakes and Catherine sewed badges onto her daughter’s Guide sash and then played Wheel of Fortune on her ipad. Soren sat with us and coloured in his Nemo colouring book for his craft…it makes me laugh every week when he sits up and joins us to do his craft activity too.

I’m hoping my teaching goes well tomorrow. I’m going to do all four classes which will be interesting- I’ll have to stick to my timing plan exactly or else I’ll run short of time. The kids have all been really enthusiastic about learning Indonesian too which is lovely. Whenever I’ve been up at the school picking up my kids lots of other kids have seen me and been calling out, “Selamat pagi Bu!”  Or (more often) “Selama….how do you say that again?”

It’s so much fun to think about the lessons and make up the handouts and plan activities. It’s odd because I have gone through so many phases of not even being interested in teaching in the last few years and yet I’m so happy and grateful that things are working out the way they are. I wonder how much of me not wanting to do it was just lack of confidence and belief in myself, rather than any real antipathy to teaching. And I can’t let fear of failing stop me from at least trying. Maybe in the long run I won’t want to teach, but at least for now I love where I am in my life.

And my newly painted blue bathroom, I love this too. I had a bath tonight after the kids went to bed and just lay there for a while admiring the paint, ha ha ha!

Just showing the decorative sea shell tiles, which is where we got the colour from.


One thought on “Thursday, 17th May 2012

  1. Halo Rebecca ,
    Aku sangat bangga padamu dan aku benar-benar seperti anda lukisan .
    Menikmati tomorrows pelajaran
    Cinta Ellen


    PS This is some homework for you!!!

    PPS Would you like me to write all my comments in Indonesian now????

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