Tuesday, 8th May 2012

I’m having such a difficult afternoon with the children. Just since I picked them up from school, which makes me feel pathetic because it’s not even a long time! It’s just that I get so flustered by their constant competing demands for attention and whining and drama that I don’t even know what to do.

School homework is such an issue. Jericho doesn’t really have homework as such, just his readers, but he also does have extra words to practise reading and making sentences with. So he wants to sit down and do those, but he wants me sitting right beside him and reading every card he puts down to make the sentence, and apparently if I don’t do that he’s completely unable to make a sentence and it’s because I ‘don’t like’ him that I won’t do these sentences with him.

At the same time Emma needs help with her maths sheets, that she winds up spending hours on every day. They’re doing place value, (tens and hundreds and units) and I don’t know if she doesn’t understand it, doesn’t want to do it, is just really really slow at it, or what. Plus, she doesn’t seem to have any maths skills, just the basic adding seems to be a problem- she had to add 90 and 10 and when I said that she looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. So now I’m concerned that she can’t add, and I’m going to have to speak to the teacher as soon as possible to see if her homework is reflective of her class work.

Meanwhile, Nicholai is gaily professing not to have any homework at all. Considering he and Emma are in the same class this seems very unlikely, but of course now he has magically left his homework folder at school so I can’t check! This is all going to end well.

And, since I’m bitching and moaning and complaining…this current insult fad the kids have got going on? Yeah, I’m SO over it. What they do is whenever anyone says anything  that has a noun in it, someone else will say, “Well, you’re a whatever-it-is.” So earlier Jericho said, “Can I have a pencil?”, Nicholai responds with, “You’re a pencil!” and then Jericho cries and tattles.

It’s so stupid, and it happens approximately four thousand times a day. Occasionally they’ll vary it by saying “you’re a whatever-head!” which often elicits a better reaction. Better for them, worse for me, because then I have even more shrieking and crying to put up with!

Okay, well it’s much later now and the kids are all in bed so I’ve calmed down some. It was just a bad afternoon I guess, and I wasn’t expecting it to be. It was such a lovely sunny day that I thought all the kids would be happy to be home and playing, and instead all they did was fight.

Still, I didn’t have a bad day up until that point. Soren and I did all our errands this morning- we went to the library, we went to buy me a pair of pants to wear when I’m a teacher, and we went to Bunnings to buy new knobs for the kitchen cupboards and more tape. Always more tape- when painting I think that 50 metres is heaps and surely I won’t need that much, and then I always need to buy so much more. I wanted to do the knobs this afternoon but the screws need to be cut off and my arm was sore and it just wasn’t happening. I did scrub all the cupboards though, even sitting there with eucalyptus oil and a scraper to get off all the old childproof catches that were stuck on. Yes, it’s finally happened- I’ve got a non child-proofed kitchen! And now that I’ve boasted of that, probably tomorrow Soren will break all the china and juggle knives and whatever. Ha ha, no, seriously he’s very good in there and it’s not like any of the child latches have been done up for months. Today was just the official removal. We really are getting more grown up, even though these are not really the milestones I had expected to cheer about!

Here is some photos of our new yellow kitchen.


One thought on “Tuesday, 8th May 2012

  1. I LOVE YOUR SUNNY YELLOW KITCHEN, YOU HAVE DONE SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!!! I hope this arvo is better for you. Also dont forget to take a photo on your first day of teaching xoxox

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