Sunday, 6th May 2012

Nicholai and Emma are meant to be in bed and going to sleep of course. So naturally Emma comes out complaining that Nicholai called her a ‘sock-face’ and threw a pair of socks in to her face (keeping in mind she’s on the top bunk). I don’t know whether to be cross about them being silly, or amused about the stupid ‘sock face’ insult.

I took Nicholai to football this morning, and they had their first defeat. He handled it well though, and I was proud of him. While I’m sure they’re disappointed they lost, I think it’s good that he’s had both winning and losing experiences now and I know he can cope with both.

It was a pretty relaxing morning at the football actually. I talked to Rhiannon for ages during the warm up, and then watched the game and read my Kobo in the car, quite cosily and peacefully. The weather was kind of grey and threatened rain so Troy and the other kids stayed home today. It didn’t actually rain in the end, which disappointed Nicholai, but there was some mud on the field so that made him happy.

Apart from the football in the morning, I spent my day painting the kitchen, writing and working on a slide show about Indonesia to use as an introduction for my classes. I’m so predictable.

The slide show was fun though. And having the internet there with a trillion photos and illustrations is such a bonus- when I actually did my teaching degree we didn’t use the internet much at all. So old school, ha ha! Google is rapidly becoming my best friend.

The painting in the kitchen is going quite well. It’s been such an awkward room to work in though, because there’s so little room to move furniture around in and still be able to get food and stuff, as well as walk through it to the rest of the house and all that. I think I’m going to have to stay up for a bit tonight and do the second coat on the wall behind where the computer desk is, so that tomorrow I can do skirting boards and move everything back by tea time. We’ve eaten in the lounge room all weekend but we’re running out of meals that we want to eat off our laps.


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