Saturday, 28th April 2012

The whole family was in good health today, fortunately. I’m hoping Soren’s bug yesterday was just one of those things and we won’t be struck down by a family wide plague.

I kept Soren home from swimming today. I debated about Jericho but in the end decided to send him. He has foam earplugs and a water headband that goes over his ears to help keep them in, so I thought he would be fine. He didn’t want to put his head in the water today (guess he’s a bit worried) but he did everything else and I’m sure he’ll be back to normal by next week. Of course with his ears all plugged up like that he can’t hear a thing, so the teacher has to shout and he has to make sure to be watching at all time!

It was pretty busy today, for a weekend. Half the loungeroom ceiling is painted now. Troy did the section closest to the brick wall, since I couldn’t reach it, and I did the second coat on the two sections I did last night, and also managed to do two coats on the other two sections.

In between coats of paint I went to the shops to buy some singlets for Nicholai and Jericho, and some long sleeved tshirt for Nicholai. He’s finally growing a bit! I didn’t stay long, the place was packed and I just wanted to grab what I needed and go back home.

The Goonies is on tv tonight. I love this movie, it’s hilarious. I remember watching it a million times when we were kids.

Unfortunately I couldn’t offer my own children the chance to enjoy it tonight as they were all horrendously tired and behaving so obnoxiously it was an early bed time. Nicholai and Emma are still not going to bed and going to sleep, if we leave them alone they eventually do shut up but it’s so late by then that Emma is exhausted and horrible the next day. Girl does not cope with tiredness well! The solution we’ve come up with is basically that we put them to bed in their own beds (I like to give them the chance to do the right thing, they never have before but maybe one night they will?) and then when they keep talking we go and put Nicholai in our room. He falls asleep on a blanket on the floor and then when Troy and I go to bed we wake him up and walk him to his bed where he falls straight back asleep again. It’s not ideal but it’s working out and really, what else can we do?


One thought on “Saturday, 28th April 2012

  1. Oh No its 9.44 and I didn’t know the Goonies was on…it truly is a classic. I an glad everything went well with Jericho and I cant wait to see some pictures of your painting when it is done. Nicholai and Em are just too good of mates not to talk when they go to bed….hehehehe…sounds like you’ve worked it out though. I’m glad everyone is happy and healthy…Enjoy you Sunday
    Love Ellen

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