Friday, 27th April 2012

Soren was sick today. Why does it always happen on crèche days? Poor sweetheart woke up crying and then threw up in the hall. Thank goodness Troy was there to clean it up, because I am so bad with vomit. Soren ate some dry biscuits for breakfast and then watched a movie but after that he seemed fine. He ate a regular lunch and played with his toys, then told me he was tired so I tucked him under the quilt on the couch and he fell asleep. It all fell apart once the other kids got home from school and woke him up though. He threw up again and managed to get it up in his nose, which I know must have burned like hell because he cried and screamed for the next hour. It was horrible. He eventually stopped and lay in his bed listening to stories on cd until he fell asleep, which is where he still is. I hope he just sleeps through the night and wakes up at the regular time in the morning feeling better, and I really, really hope none of the other kids catch this from him.

Probably not necessary to say that Soren being sick put a halt to my plans for the day. I had been planning to go and buy some singlets for Jericho and Nicholai, and tracksuit pants for Nicholai as the weather has finally turned cold, but I could hardly drag the poor sick boy out to the shopping centre. Instead I spent a lot of time hugging Scooby on the couch and dodgy his juicy kisses to avoid his sick germs! He’s the most physically affectionate child I know. It’s like he has to have this huge number of kisses and hugs every day, and every time he’s near me he’s always holding me and patting me and just leaning into me so I’ll rub his head or tickle his ears or give him a squeeze. Sometimes I get touched out, but mostly I love it. Mostly because I love him, and I love him being this small and cuddly and open with how much he loves me.

At least being caught at home today meant I got some painting done. I’ve finished the kitchen ceiling! Hooray! I’ve also started on the loungeroom, but that’s going to be so much more difficult. I couldn’t wash it down properly because the mop handle wasn’t long enough to reach with me standing on the ground, so I got Troy to do that part. There are a few ceiling sections that he’s just going to have to do himself too. I started painting it tonight and did the first coat on two sections. It’s hard though, I have to stand on the highest step you’re allowed to stand on and there’s nothing to hold on to so it feels kind of scarily high and insecure. I’ll just have to do the best I can I guess. And the kitchen ceiling does look great (although we’ll have to get some new light fittings I think, as the thing that’s hanging up there now is horrible and the other end is just a bare globe) so that is encouraging me to get the loungeroom done too. Not to mention the incentive of getting the ceiling finished and being able to start painting with a colour, as I’m sick to death of china white!


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