Monday, 16th April 2012

I dreamed I was doing laundry last night. I dreamed about laundry…I am officially the most boring person in the world.

The kids went back to school today, hooray! They were all happy to go back which I’m so grateful for. It would be hard to have to push them out the door every morning if they didn’t want to go.

Soren had crèche and he’s going in much easier these days- no more crying about not wanting to be a crèche boy, so that’s great! He was happy when I picked him up this afternoon and told me he played with a new friend, someone called Zoe. He doesn’t usually remember the kids’ names, so she must have made an impression on him today.

I had a million different things I considered doing with my precious free time, but sloth won out and I didn’t do much at all. And I loved every minute of it! I did have a doctor appointment in the morning so I went to that, she’s redone my mental health plan and given me a new prescription so all that is up to date. She also ordered a blood test to recheck my vitamin d and liver function, since it was a bit screwy last time, and since I had no kids I went and did that right away.

I also put a colour in my hair. Basically the same colour my hair actually is, but nicer. And it covers up most of the grey in my hair, which is why I did it really! I don’t mind looking my age, but I think I have excessively grey hair for someone who is 34 and I’m fed up with looking like I’m in my 40s.

When Troy got home from work we all went to Bunnings to look at paint colours for the library. We’re getting Bruno to do a new floor in there and since we’ll be spending a chunk of savings on that we figured we may as well try and set it up properly, the way we’ll want it to be in the long term. Since everything is already packed up and out of the room I may as well paint it once the floor is done. Tonight we bought sample pots in shades of yellow and green so we can splash some about out there and decide which we like better. I’d really love to get custom made bookshelves but I think it will work nicely with the cheap Ikea ones (brown or white? That seems to be the big decision at the moment) and the good thing about those is that we will easily be able to add matching ones in the future as we need them.


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