Monday, 9th April 2012

It was a lovely lazy long weekend Monday today. It was even cold and rainy, so we all felt completely justified in staying inside and wearing pyjama pants all day! Well okay, admittedly everyone else except me wore proper pants, but I do love my pyjama pants.

I played about on the computer, and did some more knitting and Heroes watching. Troy’s vest is coming along well. I knitted it onto my long cable needles today so I could measure it (my gauge is close enough, so it’s going to fit) and then did a few rows back and forth on those needles to see if I like it better. It’s meant to be easier on the hands because the weight of the knitting hangs on the cables, not all bunched on the needle putting pressure on your hands. It did feel lighter, but I’m not sure yet if I like it better or not.

Ootchy cat spent a lot of the day snuggled right up against my legs, which is funny. Usually when we spend time away he sulks when we return and won’t be my friend for days, but this time he has been even smoochier than usual.

Easter yesterday was okay. The kids were excited to wake up and get their Easter eggs in the morning. I realised though that with our holiday last week we really hadn’t talked about Easter at all, and that Soren didn’t have much idea. The night before he told me the Easter bunny would come, but when I asked him what the Easter bunny would bring him he looked kind of confused and suggested, “Bunnies?” Chocolate was a welcome surprise for him though!

We went over to Troy’s parents’ place in the afternoon. After everything that’s gone on I wanted to stay home, but when it comes down to it I’m pathetic and always take the path of least resistance. Anything to avoid conflict, that’s me! But Alex had organised for the kids to make Easter baskets and have an easter egg hunt and really wanted all the cousins there, and I just don’t have it in my heart to disappoint an eight year old! The kids had a really good time with the baskets and the egg hunt, and then we had pizza for tea beside the bonfire.

I found the bonfire portion stressful, since it’s a bunch of kids running around beside a bonfire and a dam in the dark. When the kids started playing hide and seek we packed up and left- I don’t think kids running off and hiding in the dark beside a body of water is a really good idea! The earlier part of the day was okay though, my sister in law Susan and I have become allies in all the family drama and it’s always satisfying to vent to her and share our outrage. It’s interesting getting their side of the gossip, and I do find it reassuring to have someone else in the situation that feels the same way as I do, as I always doubt myself and wonder if I’m being overly sensitive or selfish or just plain over reacting to everything.

Today is a milestone too- day 100 of my project 365! I’m so glad I actually took the plunge and started doing it this year. I’ve been surprised at how much I have enjoyed it, and the positive impact taking time out each day to take a photograph has had on me. It’s been a lesson in mindfulness that I wasn’t expecting to learn! I’ve learned a lot about using my camera and become a lot more familiar with what it can do, although sometimes this has been a point of discouragement as I just feel as though I’ve got so much to learn and I will never be good at it! Although I suppose there’s been a bit of a flipside to that in that I’ve become a lot more comfortable experimenting. If my photos don’t work out the way I want them to I’m better at trying to learn from it and not just giving up in despair. After all, with 365 (+1) photos to take, there’s always going to be another day to try again.

This is another picture from last night, of Jericho playing with his sparklers. Jericho loves helping with my Project 365 anyway, but was especially thrilled with me taking these kind of photos of him whirling his sparkler about.


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