Tuesday, 27th March 2012.

I was just doing Jericho’s readers with him. The sentence he had to read was “I like pasta” and he read the ‘I like’ bit okay, then looked at the picture and guessed ‘noodles’. When I suggested he look at the first letter, he sounded out a P sound and then said, “Hey, I know…I like pasketti!”

It was so funny, but I didn’t laugh. He’s very sensitive about any mistakes he makes, and hates feeling like he can’t do something. It made me glad that we have the appointments set up for his hearing to be retested though, as some of the mistakes he still makes with words could be caused by him mishearing the word from others.

Hmm. This is either really good parenting and will work wonders, or it’s really bad parenting and I’m a horrible person. But Nicholai and Emma are still causing so much trouble at bedtime! However after all their shouting and laughing and carrying on tonight, keeping the little boys awake and refusing to stop, I’ve ordered them out of bed, put coats on them, and they’re outside weeding the driveway. I don’t know, weeding has always been Nicholai’s kryptonite before, maybe it will work now.

I just don’t feel good about it though, because I keep thinking it shouldn’t have come to this! They are eight and ten years old, surely old enough to go to bed, chat quietly for a short while and then go to sleep without all this mess! But nothing we do seems effective as an instrument of change- basically they just think it’s all a joke and keep on mucking around. I think I’m going to just have to give it up and change the rooms around so that they don’t share anymore, even though that messes with the good thing that Jericho and Soren have going. I’m so fed up with them.

I did a bit of cooking today and made a slice, two cakes and the quiche for tea. Soren helped, which he enjoyed and which was quite fun even if it made everything a lot messier. It’s funny the way he thinks milk is the main ingredient in everything we cook!

Okay, so we asked Nicholai and Emma if they were ready to stop weeding and go to bed without talking and they said yes…they lasted for LESS THAN TWO MINUTES before they were giggling and carrying on again! So they’re back outside weeding again. This could be a long night.

Soren being a photographer this morning.


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