Saturday, 18th February 2012

I just snuggled a small sleepy baby, who was all soft and smelled like baby powder and baby, and it was lovely.

And then he started crying and wanted his mum again, and I am not his mum so I was just no good at all!

It’s been lovely having Benita and Sullivan here. The kids love him, and it’s just adorable watching them all trying to make him happy. He’s a bit unsettled tonight, but he’s honestly been a very laidback and relaxed baby who has been pretty easy to have around. It’s also been good having Benita here to hang out with.

Plus, she was very helpful with today’s task of cleaning out the shed! Helpful in two ways actually, first in terms of actual manual labour but also because she is taking away a pile of things that we no longer need to deal with. We really needed all the help we could get, because it was a HUGE job. The shed has been a disaster zone pretty much since we moved in two and a half years ago and everything we didn’t know what to do with got dumped straight in there. We’ve thrown stuff out from there in the meantime, but we’ve never done a thorough sort and toss and it’s never been organised. It’s basically been a six metre square jumble of furniture, camping and gardening gear, boxes and boxes of clothes and…just STUFF. I don’t even know. Also the garage door has been jammed open for over six months (I’m so embarrassed to admit how hopeless we are sometimes about household maintenance!) so the weather has got in a bit and ruined some things, and there was just quite a bit of sheer rubbish out there too.

Not any longer though! We started working on it around nine this morning and didn’t finish until after four this afternoon. Despite the sore back and tiredness I feel so satisfied with it because it’s all done! We pulled everything out of it first and sorted it into three separate areas of the driveway- things to keep, things for the hard rubbish collection, and things for the garage sale. That took us until lunch time, then once the shed was pretty much empty we swept it (collected up six loaded shovelfuls of dirt, yikes) and then put everything back in again. It’s all arranged though, in a way that makes everything accessible and should be maintainable. I really hope so- it’s a big space and as long as we keep it organised it should be all the storage space we need.

At the moment it does have a big pile of stuff in the middle that will go out when this garage sale is arranged later in the year, but once that’s gone there will be more than enough open space in the middle for a pool table, or a ping pong table or something like that. Actually, I’m hoping that we will get the pool table that was at Troy’s house growing up- it was Brett and Rachel’s while they were married and is currently in storage at Nana’s, Jean has indicated that it probably won’t fit in Brett and April’s new house in which case it might be in need of a new home…I’m more than happy to give it one.

We also found the old paddling pool that we gave Emma for her second birthday, and miraculously it was still good. Of course it has barely been used, since we gave it to her in November and then water restrictions came in December and we were not allowed to fill it for years. By the time they were lifted I’d pretty much forgotten we had it. So it was a big novelty for the children today and they had a blast, even though our backyard is actually on too much of a slope for us to be able to even fill it properly. The pool ended up being pretty much just a puddle, but the kids didn’t seem to mind.

The shed before we started.

This is what it looked like when we took a break for lunch.

And finished! (Except for the fridge and the box on top- they're for the garage sale)


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