Friday, 17th February 2012.

Benita and Sullivan are here for a visit! They got here this afternoon, literally a minute and a half after I got home from picking the kids up from school and crèche. Just in time to eat the banana cake, and for all the kids to coo over the baby! They are all in love with their littlest cousin and were more than happy to sit beside him and show him all their old baby toys and try and keep him entertained. Soren seems particularly enchanted with him- possibly because being the baby of the family it’s all a wonderful novelty to him!

Although he was most unhappy when Sullivan cried at one point. It was very endearing actually, the adults were all in the kitchen and Soren was sitting beside Sullivan who was lying on the mat in the living room. I heard Sullivan make a little cry so I peeked through to see Soren sitting beside him looking absolutely horrified. As soon as he saw me Soren’s lip wobbled and his eyes started streaming tears as he said, “Him crying!” It took a bit of reassurance before Soren felt better- he cried longer than Sullivan did!

I’m glad that Benita came over to stay and made my day better, because it wasn’t fantastic before that. As if having to deny the children technology for a week wasn’t bad enough, today I also made Nicholai and Jericho get out of the car and walk to school along the side of the road! Aaargh, it was horrible, but hopefully I will never have to do it again!

They were really behaving dreadfully though, screaming and shouting and doing their best to wrestle and hit each other around their seatbelts. Since this has been going on for ages and since I nearly had an accident this morning because I was too busy yelling at them to look at the road I just couldn’t deal with it one second longer. I was also at a point on the road that I could safely stop, and there was a flat grass verge that the kids could walk on without having to fight through prickle bushes or navigate ditches and creeks…my rage didn’t blind me to basic safety, fortunately!

It was quite a sight, the two of them running through the grass at the side of the road. I felt awful because Jericho was crying, but having kids screaming and slamming around in the back of the car while I’m trying to drive is just dangerous. I didn’t actually make them walk that far at all, I was behind them until they went behind the road barrier and then I drove to the end of the barrier and waited for them. They can both certainly run when they put their minds to it, I’ll say that for them, even when the ground is uneven and the grass is mid-thigh length in parts! By the time they got back to the car their socks were covered in grass seeds. They did sit as quiet as mice for the rest of the drive to school, so I suppose it was effective. I guess we’ll see next week if they can sit in a car without behaving like monkeys in a zoo.

It was just Jericho and I at home today, since the preps still have Fridays off. We went for a drive to buy boxes to help in the shed organisation and clean out that is planned for tomorrow; we baked two banana cakes (so now there is cake in my new freezer!); and I finished filling in all the gaps in the path with concrete. It’s not the neatest job in the world, but I hope it will do the trick of keeping the weeds out of the path and stopping the bricks from slipping and becoming more uneven. Jericho was initially very cranky about not being able to play on the Wii but he enjoyed baking and settled down to play outside while I was concreting. He was funny actually, he was playing that our house was a zoo and our pets were the exhibits. He then kept calling me ‘servant’ and told me I was just doing fixing work around his zoo. Okay then!

Tomorrow we’re cleaning the shed out. Finally! The door isn’t fixed yet, but it’s hard garbage next week so it has to be now. I have to say I’m so angry about it though. Troy’s mum has always said she wants to help me clean out the shed, and when we said we were fixing the door and the big clean out was going to happen she said she really wanted to help. So a few weeks ago we picked this weekend and it’s been written on the calendar since then. So tonight she rings up to ask about swimming tomorrow, and then lets us know that she’s coming to help us but she’s babysitting Brett’s kids. Of course. Troy was on the phone and I just said to tell her not to come- if she brings the three kids here then we’ll get nothing done. Someone will have to watch all the kids or they’ll destroy the house, if we make them stay outside we’d have all seven of them getting underfoot, we’ll be constantly breaking up kid arguments and handing out drinks and snacks…in short, bringing three kids along is just not going to add up to any help. I’m just so upset that once again we were promised time, and once again Brett or his kids need something and we have to alter our plans. I’m so sick of it.

Oh well. Benita is here to help, which means I can see what baby gear she wants before I box it up for the garage sale. And I can get lots of baby cuddles with Sullivan…baby snuggles make lots of things better.


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