Saturday, 11th February 2012 #2

I’ve had it with Nicholai and Emma and their shenanigans when they’re supposed to be in bed! Tonight Nicholai was playing Wipeout in his room when he was supposed to be going to sleep (Wipeout! He was throwing himself on the floor hard enough to rattle the house…how did he think we wouldn’t notice that?!??!) so I pulled him out and made him sit on the floor in the kitchen where he can’t see anyone or touch anything. He’s going to stay there until the others are asleep so that at least he can’t keep them awake! Maybe he’ll decide that lying in his bed awake is more comfortable than sitting on the lino floor of the dark kitchen, and tomorrow he’ll actually settle down once it’s bed time. We can but hope, anyway!

Hmm, he now keeps counting down the minutes, loudly and dramatically…”it’s been twelve minutes guys! Come on!”

I’m sitting in the living room drinking bourbon and coke and trying to ignore him. It’s always so tempting to argue with him though, because he’s so painfully logical that it seems as though you should be able to make him see reason…and to be honest, he concedes that Troy and I DO have valid arguments and complains that we always ‘win’. But then he just shouts and cries and doesn’t really do what we want him too anyway, so it’s not as though we actually win the argument really. Arguing with him can also be very entertaining, as he’ll defend his position with great passion and comes up with some quite amusing and inventive statements.

Oh well, in the time it’s taken me to write all that the others have gone to sleep so he’s gone back to his room. Let’s hope he’ll think again tomorrow when he feels like dancing around instead of staying in bed.

Today was quite nice and relaxing really, although it didn’t go exactly to plan. While Troy took the three younger kids to their swimming lessons I took the van and the tyre we blew yesterday to be repaired- only to find the tyre place shut. This meant that we couldn’t really drive around to look at new fridges like we had planned, so we just spent the day hanging out at home. It was good, I did a little bit of housework and a lot of surfing the internet. It rained too, so I got to test out my macro lens on raindrops on plants, which was fun. I’m sure in the middle of winter the rain will seem nothing but tedious but it was only about the second time it’s rained this year so trying to take photos of water was a fun novelty today.

The kids fought about the computer, played Harry Potter and Star wars games, read books, played on the Wii…the usual stuff.

Jericho threw a monumental tantrum, the sort of thing that I was kind of expecting as payback for his wonderful behaviour at school. Well, not payback really, more like a release of all that inner angst and tension that I’m sure he’s storing up while he’s sitting so neatly and quietly with legs crossed and hands folded in his lap at school! My poor little boy, he was so terrible today but I felt so bad for him. Then later on he drew me “an apology thing”- a piece of paper with a picture of me on it that he did to say sorry for all the screaming and shouting and kicking. It’s moments like that that really give me hope that he’s on the right track- that like the psychologist said his emotional volatility will either settle down or he will learn to manage his emotions, and we’re not actually heading in to a lifetime of psychological difficulties.

Emma was wonderful. She’s really starting to grow up lately, she’s happy to spend hours on her own in her room playing with Barbies and Little Pet shops (which isn’t all that grown up exactly) and it’s like her headphones are glued onto her ears. She actually rolled her eyes and sighed in a big huff when I told her the other day that she had to take her headphones off so I could brush her hair, ha ha! It was funny today though, when I poked my head in to make sure she was okay I think she was having her Barbies make out. She was making the boy doll stroke the girl doll’s face and when she saw me she dropped them and went all pink and embarrassed…it was kind of adorable actually, but it was just another little sign that she’s growing up.

This bourbon is going down pretty easily, I’ve got to say. I’m also watching Twilight (shut up) so I’m feeling pretty content. Honestly my thing for Twilight is so embarrassing. I know how bad it is, but it’s just so gloriously bad that it’s fun.

Although I also keep laughing because Troy is watching it with me (bless him!) and after he called Charlie Swan a sheriff and I said he was a police chief (omg I know details…the shame!) Troy hit google to try and determine how a town got a sheriff or a police chief. This of course led him to the entry on Forks in Wikipedia…and it turns out that the town of Forks has a job opening for a new police chief. So it’s all very silly and funny and stupid, but a kind of really nice way to end a day where nothing very important happened.

Now Troy and I are looking up things in my Illustrated Twilight Guide that Nicholai gave me for mother’s day (this really is just sounding worse and worse, I’m a tragic case) and he wants to know things like how none of the Cullen boys got drafted for Vietnam. Because of course that’s what’s important in a lifetime of vampire history! Ha ha, I think I’ll stop this now because I’m just being stupid now…keep watching my vampire movies and rolling my eyes at the sheer stupidity of Bella Swan and the weirdness of stalker Edward…it will be a great night.


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