Sunday, 5th February 2012

It’s the end of another weekend. It was a productive, if not particularly exciting one. The three younger kids were back at swimming lessons on Saturday morning although that’s a bit different this term- Jericho has moved up into the group that works in the lanes instead of off the steps, and Soren has graduated to a class where he doesn’t need a parent or grandparent in the water with him! They’re all doing really well.

While they were swimming I went shopping with Troy and Nicholai. Troy needed new pants and shoes for work, Jericho needed new socks for school, and we needed a new kettle and a new cd player for Nicholai and Emma’s room to replace the most recent broken appliances.

I will need new clothes if I start work this year and while we were out I saw a row of shirts and thought that something like that would be nice, then realised with horror that if I buy a shirt I shall have to iron things. I know, I’m a dreadful housekeeper, but I don’t iron. Never have. Troy is the only one whose clothes have to be ironed and he irons them himself. Everyone else just wears things crumpled. On the odd occasion when we had to make a particular effort (family photo, wedding attendance) Troy ironed all the kids’ shirts too. If I have to dress professionally though, that might all have to change…ugh. I said that to Troy and he got all excited that maybe I’d iron his shirts too, ha ha ha.

Sometimes I really think I shop too much, although I don’t ever go shopping just for the hell of it, I always go with a specific purpose in mind. It just feels like I shop too much right now. Troy is tracking our spending this year though, so I guess in a few months we’ll be able to sit down and look at that and I can see if I really am being excessive.

We did some more yard work, since that’s a never ending task. Troy did the mowing and I did some more weeding on the driveway. The poison is working, so I was mostly pulling up weeds that are now dead, but still covering the driveway and not actually coming out that much easier. We’re still waiting on the garage door man to come and fix that- he had to order a door and the factory was closed for the Christmas break so we knew there’d be a wait on it, but it should happen soon. I’m sick of looking out on a backyard that’s full of weeds and has an open garage door showing a shed full of crap! But the door should come soon, and we’re going to clean out the shed in two weekends and then I will feel better about it.

Soren is so cute and funny. I was helping him get dressed this morning and he leaned into me while he was stepping into his pants, rested his head on my shoulder and said, “You’re so comfy.” I was a little taken aback, but I think there are many worse compliments a girl could get!

Oh, these photos were from the other day- I love them. It’s just so Jericho and Soren…best brother friends one minute, irritated and angry and needling each other the next!



One thought on “Sunday, 5th February 2012

  1. Hi Shopping Sister…..i hear you, I dont go to the shops so much but am kinda addicted to online shopping…even though I dont purchase that many things, I spend ages looking. The last few weeks photos you have posted, the kids seem so grown up!!!!!! They are all gorgeous and Emma’s fringe is looking ok (the photo from the park??) You will have to post a couple of photos of your backyard one day….I want to see how all your plants are looking. Oh Soren….I hope my kids think Im comfy too!!! That is gorgeous.
    Skyla is so adorable still and we are starting to get heaps of chuckles from her and Jesse is still being so funny, today when we went for a bike ride Jesse was chasing his shatow (shadow) and saying to everybird we passed…”Hi bird, I riding my bike hahahaha” so cute.
    Love you

    PS, maybe now that you are going to be a corportate woman I will commision you to do our ironing hahahahaha

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