Tuesday, 31st January 2012.

Today was a very trying day. The children behaved so dreadfully that it’s too depressing to talk about. I seriously wonder if I’m just invisible, because they’re certainly not registering me on their radar at all.

Although to be fair to them we had two extra kids here for a couple of hours this afternoon and they were really good then. It was Emma’s friend Mia and her brother Callum, when they dropped Emma off after the sleepover their dad had an appointment and I said the kids could stay here for a play instead of having to go with him. Emma and Mia disappeared into her room and played Barbies and Little Pet Shops without any drama at all, and I put Callum on the Wii and the computer and he had a great time, since they don’t have either of those things at their dad’s house. Probably the easiest babysitting job ever really.

I spent lots of time searching through book lists and downloading teaching reference books in an effort to quell my rising panic over the idea of actually being a teacher. I haven’t read any of them, but at least having the book files on my computer means I’m on my way to reading them! While none of them are specifically about LOTE teaching, I think just general teaching references will help me get back in that frame of mind, and then I can sit down with paper and pen and start planning out some units of work.

Actually, I did make a start reading my old Indonesian grammar book from uni, and was rewarded by finding the receipt for it (I bought the book for $45 in March 1999, and I STILL had the receipt tucked away in the pages?!?!?!) and realising it came from an Indonesian bookshop just a couple of suburbs away from my house, so once I’ve got rid of the kids at school I shall be able to go and have a look there.

Of course I keep being distracted by all the fiction books available, and now I have a list of ebooks for my Kobo that’s a mile long. I won’t need to go to the library for six months at this rate.


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