Sunday, 22nd January 2012

I went out for lunch with Anna today. I have to say I find it a bit ridiculous that the two adult friends I rarely see (Anna and Caitlinn) just happen to be here and up for lunch in the same week! It would be nice to space such social pleasures out a little bit really.

Anyway, today was great. Troy stayed home with the kids and Anna and I drove to one of the local wineries. The food was really, really good and the time passed so quickly. Anna and I were at uni together and have kept in touch pretty sporadically since then, getting together maybe once a year or so (it’s been over a year and a half since the last time we had lunch) but it’s always so lovely when we do catch up. Despite the wildly different directions our lives have gone in since we studied Indonesian together it’s so easy just to slip back into that confiding friendship and share everything that’s been going on. Hopefully we’ll get together a bit sooner next time, as the third girl in our Indo group has just apparently got engaged, so we’ll have to get together to hear all about that!

Jericho and Soren and I set up our ‘cheese touch experiment’ today too. They love the Diary of a Wimpy kid movies and I can always make them laugh/scream/run away by just waving my fingers at them and saying, “I’m going to give you the cheese touch!” After playing this for weeks Jericho wanted to make our own stinky, mouldy cheese, and I told him we could. I said that we could put a piece of cheese on a plate, put it out in the empty guinea pig cage (so the cats can’t eat it) and see what happens to it. We thought of this the other day but Jericho said it would only be a proper cheese touch experiment if we had “holey cheese like in the movie”, so we had to wait until Troy had gone shopping and we had a slice of Swiss cheese. I hope the cheese goes satisfyingly mouldy. I’m a bit concerned that outside in the heat it’s just going to dry out like a piece of leather, but I guess we’ll see!


One thought on “Sunday, 22nd January 2012

  1. It might help the cheese touch experiment if you have one piece of cheese unwrapped (that should shrivel up and go yellow/greasy/crumbly to the touch), another piece of cheese wrapped up tight in cling-wrap (should go yellow, flexible and greasy) and a third piece with wrapped up with some water on it (now THAT may grow mould!) How I know this, it’s best not to ask.

    I got your email by the way, and I’m having a good think about ideas for you. If you like, I can give you some manga translated into Indonesian – I’ve got some I’m trying to give away. 🙂

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