Lesson for today- do not serve spaghetti bolognaise for tea when Troy is away at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. No one should have to deal with the resulting drama alone!

It was Nicholai, of course. Who else? The other kids can certainly whine about things they don’t like for tea (and do whine very vocally, I’ll admit!) but no one can put on a performance like Nicholai. And as someone who doesn’t like cooking at all, having him actually hold his nose and sob as he tries to swallow one teeny spoon is very disheartening!

It’s not as if I don’t have my reasons for making him eat it. I have four kids who all hate a whole bunch of stuff- if I let them eat something else every time I served a meal they decided they didn’t like the whole lot of them would insist on alternatives all the time. I’d end up making five different things for tea every night, and that’s just not going to happen. Or if I let them eat a bowl of cereal or a sandwich instead there’d be a couple of them who’d live on nothing else. I need to keep spaghetti bolognaise in the rotation as well because I make it with half meat and half vegetables, so it’s one of the few meals where Emma and Jericho actually end up ingesting a proper serve of veggies.

There is no point at all to this rant! I am the mama and the cook and that was what was for tea and now I should just forget the whole horrendous meal. (At least until I have to serve up the other half of the sauce I prepared and froze for a later date!)

Although Nicholai came out to the living room after he was meant to be in bed and told me with tears in his eyes that he needs to go back to school, that’s it’s his “safe haven”…talk about kicking me when I’m down. Poor darling boy, he really does need a good night’s rest.

He’s going on a sleepover tomorrow night and I’m sure that will cheer him up. I also borrowed some library books for him today, one about football and one about cricket and he was happy with those. He doesn’t have the holiday program tomorrow, I think if he’s able to continue with his current maths project for a chunk of time it will settle him down. He’s adding up all the numbers in the Guinness book of records (which is a lot of numbers, when you consider that every record has a score or time or something) and then plans on dividing this number by the number of pages in the book. I’m not sure what exactly he thinks this is going to show, but if it keeps him happy it’s good enough for me.

Apart from my miserable dinner experience this evening I had a good day! The two big kids were at the school holiday program and Soren was at crèche, so it was a very quiet day with just Jericho and I at home. Troy dropped the big kids off in the morning, and then Jericho and I left Soren at crèche and went to the library. After that we spent a bit of time in the backyard hanging out washing and playing with the dog and chickens, then when it got too hot we came inside and watched some tv, did some puzzles, played on the Wii…it was really nice. The puzzles are a new thing for Jericho and he did very well. I’m glad he’s found a new activity at home he enjoys.

Although doing puzzles with Jericho today, I was hit hard by that guilty feeling of not doing enough, or being enough, for him. Between my own mental health issues and his tantrums and emotional issues over the past two years he’s missed out on a lot of stuff I did with Emma and Nicholai when they were pre-schoolers. We’ve done other things, and in the end there’s nothing I can do to change it, but it’s still hard to know that in some way I’ve let him down.

Jericho is still the chicken whisperer. I love the way he interacts with animals.

Pedro is chewing on a bone here, but when I saw this photo I laughed so much. He looks like a pirate saying, "Aaaarr!"


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