Last day of school today. Two weeks of holidays to come…may god give me strength.
Such a muddle of good and bad things today, I’m quite dizzy with it all.
-We won the school Easter raffle! A big box of things came home with the children, including such random items as Easter eggs (well, pretty obvious really), place mats, mug and tin of drinking chocolate, cookies, a big teddy bear wearing a jumper and hat, spices, spicy sauces, a bottle of wine, tickets to a football match, and cookies.
-Jericho had a kinder dress up day and after much hysterical whining and crying and carrying on, went off dressed up as the cutest little Harry Potter I ever did see. He is so difficult, and so adorable I just don’t know what to do with him.
-The car is back with the mechanic again. When he gave it back to us he said he wasn’t sure he had fixed it completely, but that it was running smoothly so we’d just have to see. So we’ve seen…it’s not fixed. He’s going to give it another go.
-The washing machine might be on the way out too. It didn’t spin the water out of the last load of clothes, so I rearranged all the dripping washing and then tried again. It made a lot of noise, but didn’t actually spin, so I turned it off and kicked it and then it worked again…I hope it was just a one off aberration and I’m not going to have to go out and buy a new washing machine. (Although we’ve had it for ten years and it’s certainly been well used…if we do have to get a new one I can get a bigger one!)
-Jericho came home from kinder in a state of thrilled awe, because “the real Easter bunny came to kinder and gave me this bag of eggs! The REAL Easter bunny Mum!” Sweetie boy also offered to share them with me and Soren, and since Soren was asleep at the time he actually saved him one.
-We got an electricity bill yesterday, the first one where we’ve had the solar panels installed and running during the entire billing period. Our account is in CREDIT for a bit over twenty dollars! We didn’t have to pay anything at all! I am SO happy with that…almost makes the year long, angst filled process of getting the things installed completely worthwhile. Troy worked out we would have owed about $250 for that bill, so that’s fabulous. We actually use more electricity than we produce, but because they buy our excess back from us as a better rate than we buy electricity from them it all works out in our favour in the end.
-It’s the school holidays now. I don’t care, I’m a terrible mummy and I suck, but I’m dreading them big time. I am trying to work out how we’re going to manage equitable computer and Wii time for them all, and how this can be accomplished without holding our whole holiday schedule hostage to whose-turn-on-the-computer-is-it drama.
-I got my books from Amazon. All of them about Aspergers actually. A picture book about Aspergers that we thought might be good for Jericho, or even as a basic thing for Emma. A book written by a ten year old Aspie called, “Asperger Syndrome, the Universe and Everthing” for Nicholai and Emma to read. I read it this afternoon, it was pretty funny in parts and I think Nicholai will certainly be able to connect with it. We also bought “Be Different” by John Elder Robison, who wrote his autobiography “Look me in the Eye” about growing up with Aspergers. So far I’m a few chapters in to this and I’m really enjoying it, it’s funny and touching and I hope it will be another thing that we can give to Nicholai that will strengthen his belief that being different is just fine.


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  1. Ha ha- that’s okay, I totally know what you mean. He was so adorable in his little costume!
    He’d been such a pain in the neck all morning while we were getting ready to leave too, and I’d got to the point that I didn’t care what he wore as long as he went to kinder and got out of my face, and then he put on his Harry Potter glasses and smiled and my heart just melted.

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