Wednesday 16th April 2014

It was holiday movie day today. Troy took the day off from work and he and I took all the kids to see the Lego movie. The kids all loved it, Soren told me it was the best movie he’d ever seen, so far. For some reason he really stressed that it was only the best movie he’d seen “so far”…clearly he’s expecting something better will come along.

It made the day go quite fast, going to the movies. We picked Emma up from her sleepover beforehand, then went to the movies, had a late lunch, and then the kids filled in the afternoon doing their usual afternoon activities of Wii/ computer/ tablet. I got some new rubber bands in the post so we were all back to rainbow looming with a vengeance. I fell asleep this afternoon while I was reading, which I’m trying not to do, but I was so tired.

Troy and I have to organise Easter stuff. I’ve just realised that it’s this weekend and we don’t have anything yet. I’ve got a psychologist appointment tomorrow afternoon, so maybe I’ll go after that if not too shattered, or Troy will have to go out tomorrow night.

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Today was such a hard day. It started out well, when the kids were inspired by Jericho making a shooting gallery with his nerf gun and a poker chip balanced on the head of a plastic dinosaur to make a carnival in the lounge room. I really enjoy their imagination with that kind of thing. They made up a few different games with their toys, and then arranged a pile of stuff to be a selection of prizes. It was so funny and cute.

Things went downhill when I took them all out to the shops on a hunt for a new rainbow loom. Emma’s friend was spending the day with us so I had five of them to herd around, and I guess in my current incompetent state it was a bit much. None of them did anything wrong, but I was just so stressed keeping them all moving and out of people’s way, and the shops were so crowded. We did buy the loom and the mouthwash and snack I went there for, so that was at least good.

However I then went home and sorted out 1500 rubber bands into colour groups which calmed me down a bit, but as soon as I got out the new rainbow loom I broke it! I nearly gave up on the day right then. Fortunately I was able to make a whole loom out of the pieces of the two broken ones so whatever. Let it go.

I don’t know, today just sucked. Everything was too hard. Although I suppose it wasn’t all bad. The carnival was hilarious, we DO have a usable rainbow loom at the end of the day, my new pants came in the mail and Troy is staying home from work tomorrow and we’re taking the kids to the movies, so I can look forward to that.

Project 365 – Day 093

Day 093-  Relaxation.

I spent a bit of time in the hammock chair on the front verandah today, and this is the view across the front yard to the side fence.

And I know I’ve missed a day, but honestly right now I don’t care. I’m just going to do it when I can and number them consecutively and finish 365 days when I finish them. It won’t be perfectly within a calendar year like last time, but I’ll get it done.

Monday 14th April 2014

It’s really a wonder my kids are not all walking around with sore throats every day, the way they never lower their voices beyond a shout. It’s not so bad when they’re outside (although…sorry, neighbours) but inside it gets a bit much over time.

Although at least today there is some beautiful sunshine and the kids can go and do their shouting outside. I sat in my hammock chair and read for a while too, which was lovely. I hate the summer heat, but I do love the sun. I’d love to live somewhere that wasn’t practically right under the hole in the ozone layer so I could enjoy the sun without feeling like I’m courting skin cancer every single second I’m exposed to it.

I’m trying to catch up on washing today. Yikes. It was the kids being away on their sleepover really, they just came home and tossed everything into the laundry basket so it went from nearly empty to overflowing. Although I did have that thing where you can’t help but notice that everyone else has a basically matching number of undies on their pile, and then there’s one child who only has one pair…did he really wear the same undies for days or was he going around commando?

I learned two new rainbow loom bracelet patterns today. It’s kind of horrifying to realise we’ve used up probably about 6000 rubber bands making them. More horrifying to think that most of it was me! Still, I suppose buying a few thousand rubber bands is cheaper than therapy. I am starting to get a bit fed up with finding them strewn around the house and fishing them out of the washing machine though. We’ve got a shoebox that they’re supposed to keep them in when they’re not wearing them.


Okay, I wrote all that this afternoon…but it all ended in tragedy because Soren filled the rainbow loom up with rubber bands and then ran to find me so I would loop it for him, and he fell down and broke the loom! Way to go destroying your mother’s emotional crutch there, buddy! Looks like we’re going shopping tomorrow morning.

Saturday 12th April 2014

Happy birthday to my dad! He is actually in Melbourne, working in the city at the Regional Living Expo, so we decided to go in and surprise him with a visit. It was quite fun to see his face when he saw me and Troy and all the kids in the crowd!

Dad took a break and we went and had a drink and shared a snack. I was really kind of surprised by the regional living expo- it was much more crowded than I had expected. Also the Corrections Services from Ararat prison were there recruiting…I was quite tempted to take my obsession with prisons to the next level and get a job there. Or you know…not.

Nicholai thought the expo was fabulous, since while we waiting to speak to dad he saw the mascot for the Victorian cricket team and went over to high five them and was rewarded with a high five and a signed cricket ball from James Pattinson, who was there too. Nicholai also collected himself a football draw from the Geelong people and some chocolates from Dad’s people and a couple of random brochures.

The kids probably could have spent half the day there, collecting samples and balloons and brochures. I was a bit done in with the noise and the crowd though, so after we said goodbye to dad we just went outside and walked along the footpath back to the casino. We had lunch at KFC (yeah, we’re adventurous all right) and then drove back home.

All the kids have gone to Steve and Jean’s for a sleepover. They’re going to take them to the RACV tomorrow morning to play on the inflatable toy that they put in the pool there on the holidays and we’ll pick them up from there. The kids are all going to be so tired they’ll be horrendous tomorrow, but I’m glad they’ve got to do some things that are different and fun for them.